The Mediterranean climate of McLaren Vale made it an excellent spot for the birth place of wine production in South Australia.

McLaren Vale

Nestled in between the beaches of the Gulf of Vincent and the Mount Loft Ranges, the area is home to some of the world’s oldest grape vines. Renowned for Shiraz, which makes up half of the area’s production, McLaren Vale is also developing a reputation in other varieties including Chardonnay, Riesling and Grenache. Just a short trip from Adelaide, McLaren Vale makes a great day for anyone who considers themselves a Foodie.

Given that McLaren Vale is one of Australia’s top spots for bon vivants to come and unleash their inner connoisseur, what are some of the wonderful gourmet (and adventurous) activities that await you in this lavish part of Australia?


McLaren Vale is one of Australia’s premier wine regions, so it’s only natural that you can find some of the country’s most collectible vintages awaiting juicing in the region’s fertile grapes. Luckily for us wine lovers, their vintages can be enjoyed through innumerable cellar door experiences in the region.

Head to world famous wineries that dot the landscape including Alpha Box & Dice, d’Arenberg, Hardys Tintara and more. McLaren Vale is a luxurious region, and you can be sure that these impressive wineries haven’t skipped any details in making their locations truly special.

One cellar door, the d’Arenberg Cube, is something of an art gallery both inside and out, and is a testament to futuristic architecture amongst tranquil surroundings.


Fine wine must always be accompanied by delicious food, and McLaren Vale is not short of an abundance of scrumptious places to dine. McLaren Vale is inhabited by a number of world class chefs, who incorporate the region’s top quality produce into delicious menus that satisfy the tastes of all visitors.

There are a number of notable restaurants that have to be experienced when in McLaren Vale, including Gather at Coriole, Lazy Ballerina for Lunch, Serafino Restaurant and Victor’s Place. The wondrous harmony of flavours stemming from the delectable McLaren Vale produce make the region’s restaurants a true delight for visiting gourmands.


Continuing on the gourmet theme, McLaren Vale’s markets are a joyous thing to behold. A truly mesmerising sensory experience, The Vale Market, Willunga Artisans Market and Willunga Artisans Market all offer unique foods, goods and crafts, making them each a must-visit when in McLaren Vale!

At The Vale Market, locally-sourced food and wine is joined by artisan crafts and souvenirs to create a wonderfully rustic experience, whilst at the Willunga Artisans Market you can expect to find everything from ceramics to jewellery, textiles and illustrations – it’s an amazing occasion!

It’s one of Australia’s truly luxe regions

McLaren Vale is full of charm, elegance and wonder, with friendly locals producing some of the country’s best food and wine and presenting in sophisticated settings. A trip to McLaren Vale should be on the list for any good-lifer who wants to sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of their own labour…

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