South Australia is one of the few places in the world, and the only one in Australia, where you get an opportunity to get up close and personal with nature’s most efficient predator, the Great White Shark.

Shark Cage Diving

During your visit, take the chance to cage dive with these spectacular marine creatures roaming the depth of the open sea. Being submerged underwater allows for close (but safe!) interaction with the sharks, resulting in a memorable encounter and wonderful experience.

With the remarkable great white sharks, comes the other spectacular marine wildlife residing in the region. South Australia’s clear water allows the perfect place for other marine creatures to ride in, like the friendly, playful and undeniably cute Australian Sea Lions.

Shark cage diving is a truly unique experience, perfect for nature-lovers and thrillseekers alike! If you’ve ever wanted to truly test your mettle and get up close to one of nature’s most ferocious predators, then shark cage diving is easily on par with skydiving, bungee jumping or the Darwin Crocodile Park’s “Cage of Death”.

A swim with the good ol’ great white is one of the more, umm, adrenaline pumping activities you can enjoy out of Adelaide, but what are some of the more heart-friendly adventures, on land, that don’t entail you getting face-to-face with a fearsome fish?

Kangaroo Island day trip

Kangaroo Island is one of Australia’s ultimate natural wonderlands, a sprawling wilderness of stunning beaches, rugged national parks, bizarre rock formations and adorable Aussie animals. There has never been a better time to visit Kangaroo Island as it is experiencing a wonderful regeneration after the terrible fires that ripped through the island in 2019.

But where to start with a trip to an island that just has so much to offer? Well, Flinders Chase National Park is a definite: it’s home to a fantastic abundance of kangaroos, koalas, seals and reptiles, all calling the rugged park home.

Next, be sure to head to the gorgeous Vivonne Bay for an afternoon’s beach frollicking. This pristine stretch of coastline has to be the prettiest in southern Australia, even earning accolades as one of the country’s most beautiful beaches.

Finally, for the youngsters, the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park is home to heaps of the uber cute animals that inhabit the island, and here they are able to thrive and enjoy a safe, comfortable environment. There are plenty of awesome activities to partake in, including dingo encounters, koala holding, marmoset meetings and more!

The Adelaide Hills

Could this be the most quaint part of Australia? We think so: the Adelaide Hills is a beautifully charming destination right outside of the city centre, full of delightful activities and delicious produce.

Hahndorf, for instance, has to be one of Australia’s more unique towns, with its German heritage providing an uber fun playground for getting some good Bavarian hospitality and a tall, frosty stein. The Beerenberg Farm and Hahndorf Farm Barn are two awesome places to take the kids and pick up some delightful local produce!

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