Choose the perfect Great Barrier Reef tour for the ultimate experience!

The natural wonder of the Great Barrier Reef is a destination at the top of many bucket lists. From the colourful fish to the intricate coral, there is so much to admire about this unique underwater world.

Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure? Take the plunge and dive in with one of these top three Great Barrier Reef tours!

Great Barrier Reef Pontoon Adventure

This Great Barrier Reef Pontoon Adventure is one of our most popular reef tours. This is a great tour if you are travelling with children or if you are not a confident swimmer. The pontoon itself is equipped with an underwater observatory, a waterslide, and a fully enclosed kids pool. There is also complimentary coffee and tea available all day in addition to a tropical buffet lunch.

There are four hours to get in the water and explore the Great Barrier Reef. All snorkelling equipment is included in the tour price. You can upgrade the tour to include a certified dive or a snorkel tour.

You won’t tire of the endless beauty of the reefs on this tour!

Great Barrier Reef Deluxe Tour

This Great Barrier Reef Deluxe Tour with a dive is another top contender amongst our reef tours. This tour is perfect if you are eager to get in the water and explore below the surface. On the boat, you will find yummy meals, coffee and tea, and a glass of wine. In the water, you can enjoy snorkelling, a complimentary dive, and a glass-bottom boat tour.

You will have six yours on the Great Barrier Reef. This allows for plenty of time to take in the scenery from above and below the water. The perfect day really does exist!

Great Barrier Reef Small Group Tour

Last but not least is this Great Barrier Reef Small Group Tour. You will get to discover some of the best snorkelling and diving spots with a smaller group. The tour includes snorkelling equipment along with a snorkel guide as you spend four hours on the reef. You’ll be able to re-energise on the boat with a delicious buffet-style lunch.

You have the choice to upgrade to experience a couple of dives if you are interested. After the tour, you can sit back and relax with a complimentary glass of wine while sailing back to Cairns.

Make the most of your time on the reef and join one of our top Great Barrier Reef tours today!

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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