The city of Adelaide comes alive with the celebration of art, culture, and music at the annual Fringe Festival!

For decades the Fringe festival has grown in fame and size, becoming the Southern Hemisphere’s largest open-access festival, and it doesn’t look like its slowing down anytime soon! 2020 is a special year for the festivity, as it is its 60th birthday this year, guaranteeing guests plenty of vibrant, zany and activity-filled celebrations.

About the Festival

The Fringe begins from the 14th of February until the 15th of March, and most locals will tell you it’s the best time to travel to Adelaide. The Fringe’s program is bursting at the seams with a number of extraordinary activities, with a little something for every acquired taste. World-class shows, five-star acts, and thousands of artists from all over Australia and the world. If you are lucky enough to visit when the festivals is running, take a look at our top show choices to see at Adelaide’s 2020 Fringe Festival.

Celebrate the beginning of the Festival

Fringe starts off with a bang on opening night, with the first night renowned for being one of the best events in the entire festival! The night is jam-packed with tonnes of free events and activities and is the perfect start to your Fringe journey. See some amazing cultural performances, enjoy the delicious array of food and drinks, and head to Easy End, where roads will close for the festival so you can boogie the night away with your fellow fringe fanatics!

Stop into the many Fringe Venues

Get into the festival spirit at one of the many Adelaide Fringe venues scattered about South Australia. Hundreds of bars, wineries, public lecture halls, and even laundromats contain a range of fringe events, all with their own food stalls and bars. The venues range from daytime events to late kick-on celebrations, with every day in the week filled! Have a look at Fringe’s ‘What’s On’ calendar to check out which venue is for you!

Marvel at the Glowing Lights

The festivities don’t stop after the sun goes down, with the Yabarra- Gathering of Light installation captivating the Fringe-goers! The lights illuminate Tandanya, the Aboriginal Cultural Institute, dazzling viewers with a brand-new immersive light and sound journey. Showcasing the history of Kaurna country with a captivating dream time story.

Stroll the Streets for Art

The Street Art Explosion takeover Adelaide by showcasing 36 large-scale murals created by 58 artists. Found within the city centre and the surrounding suburbs, the murals blend beautifully with the local landscape. The artworks contribute to Adelaide’s international artistic reputation as well as exhibiting important messages that relate to both the city and the world’s issues. Soak up these extraordinary creations as you wander the streets weaving about!

Blanc De Blanc Encore

One of Adelaide’s favourite Blanc De Blanc is back! Showcasing a bigger, bolder and better than ever show, blending acrobatic skill, flirty fun, and risqué humour sure to shock you into laughing! Marvel at the impressive dance numbers and the extravagant outfits that set the scene for this party styled performance!

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