Even without a car, you can still see the spectacular nature in and around Cairns.

For a vibrant and relaxed city, Cairns is where you want to be on your Aussie holiday. Whether you’re from Australia or overseas, you can explore Cairns without a car.

Thankfully, due to public transport and tours, you can get around Cairns and see the best bits this city has to offer.

Cairns Botanic Gardens

Spend a few hours walking around the Cairns Botanic Gardens. There are a range of tropical plants spread throughout the garden, where you can learn more about it all.

Visit the different gardens, grab a bite to eat, stop by the Visitor Centre, and join a walking tour!

Cairns Night Markets

Cairns Night Markets is close to the Cairns Esplanade Lagoon and has all kinds of different stalls available from handcrafted items to jewelry, clothing, food, and so much more. The Night Markets are open every day from 4:30 PM and close late.

Daintree Rainforest tour

Cairns is one of the closest cities to the ancient Daintree Rainforest. However, you will need to book a tour to get to this one without a car! This one day tour is the perfect day out where you visit the Daintree, Cape Tribulation, and Port Douglas. You’ll spend the day exploring these three areas, go swimming, and cruise down the Daintree River.

Or if you’re after a two-day adventure, there is this tour that takes you through the Daintree, Cape Tribulation, and also the Atherton Tablelands. You can expect to go swimming, walk through the ancient rainforest, spot the local wildlife, and see incredible waterfalls

Great Barrier Reef 

Without a doubt, you have to visit the Great Barrier Reef while in Cairns. This incredibly breath-taking nature wonder that can even be seen from space! Travellers from all over the world visit Australia just to be able to snorkel or dive in this protected reef.

There are many different tours to choose from, but the best ones include the deluxe tour and the pontoon adventure.
The deluxe tour gives you the chance to explore the underwater world, where you can go scuba diving and snorkelling at two reefs.

The tour includes a lunch and a chance to soak in the views as you’re cruising to the next reef. While the pontoon adventure is a great day out for the whole family.  Essentially, a pontoon is a giant boat filled with activities. You can go snorkelling, diving, go on a glass bottom boat, enjoy a lunch buffet, and so much more. Don’t worry if you’ve never been snorkelling or diving before, as there are demonstrations you learn prior to getting into the water on your own.

Even without a car, you can see so many of Cairns’ main highlights. Don’t forget to walk around the city and explore on foot, and visit Grafton Street for great restaurants and cafes!

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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