See these incredible creatures up close and personal at the glorious Phillip Island!

The simple answer? No! Taking photos when visiting Penguin Parade’s little penguins is strictly prohibited.

About the Little Penguins

The Little Penguins suit there names perfectly, only standing at an average of 33 centimetres tall and weighing around one kilogram, listed for being the tiniest penguins in existence. Their back, flippers, and head feathers are all navy blue which looks black in the night, but their underbellies are a pale white. These colours arn’t random, but are actually so the penguins can camouflage themselve from predators, with the dark blue blending in with the water for birds, and the light stomach blending with the sky for seals.

The creatures spend the majority of their time out in the ocean, hunting for fish in the outer waters. However, after sunset, the small penguins head back to shore, waddling up to the beach to head to their nearby burrows. Phillip Island is one of the best places to see these penguins do this daily ritual, with the Penguin Parade venue a state-of-the-art viewing facility along the island’s penguin filled coast. The facility welcomes over 3.5 million people each year, offering multiple viewing platforms including the standard, the penguin plus, and even an underground viewing section.

Why Photography isn’t allowed

The reason for no photography is completely due to the Penguins safety. The creatures have extremely sensitive eyes, and bright lights after dark, or sudden flashes, can frighten and disorientate a penguin. A lot of the time, if a light is within its route to its nest, a penguin will turn the other way, leaving them until to get back to their burrow. Large looming figures above the penguins can also frighten them away. To ensure penguins keep coming back to the area, the facilities have banned all photography to avoid any issues the penguins may face.

What can you do to get Pictures?

Many travellers who visit Penguin Parade are disappointed by this rule, wanting to capture the best snap of the creatures. However, you simply have to download the free Penguin Parade’s app to get an image of the penguins! A full gallery is available, completely free and offering some of the best closes up shots of these local penguins! You can also view and download these free photos at the facility’s online gallery. All the photos are done by professional photographers, so they are even better than if you snap them yourself!

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