Kakadu National Park is truly one of Australia’s natural dreamworlds, a surreal landscape of towering waterfalls, majestic rock formations and mystical swamplands, teeming with wildlife unique to the region.

Kakadu National Park Crocodile

Travellers from across the world revel in the opportunity to visit the incredible Nourlangie Indigenous shelters, the pristine Gunlom plunge pool or an amazing croc-spotting river cruise!

Kakadu National Park is absolutely enormous, and this means that many of the park’s top attractions are at isolated outposts that take some time to get to. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t experience some of the attractions that make this eco-wonderland so special.

Here are some of the awesome adventures you can experience in one day at Kakadu National Park.

  • Visit the Nourlangie Indigenous shelters

    The Nourlangie region of Kakadu is revered for its World Heritage rock art site, as well as its stunning views and gorgeous birdlife. Take your time to meander around the ancient shelters, viewing the stunning rock art that the local Bininji people painted there thousands of years ago. After taking in the inspiring rock art, step out to take in the wondrous views of the surrounding park, with all its splendour visible for miles around.

  • Go croc-spotting!

    Because who would visit Kakadu National Park without wanting to catch a glimpse of its most ferocious resident, the saltwater crocodile? Luckily, you don’t have to get too close on foot, as there are cruises that operate along the Yellow Water Billabong, providing you with the opportunity to view these scaly beasts in their element. This cruise is also a great opportunity to see some of the other incredible wildlife that makes up this special wilderness, so make sure you pack your binoculars to get the ultimate view of these awesome creatures!

  • Learn about the custodians of the land

    Kakadu National Park is an extremely important place to the local Warradjan people. As native custodians of the land, they run a cultural centre where tourists can learn about their history and connection to the land. Here, you will learn more about the art and culture of the people that have inhabited this land for thousands of years, as well as view a gallery of local arts and crafts.

It’s an incredible way to spend a day

One day in Kakadu National Park is a day that is sure to stay in your memory forever: pack your binoculars, bring some water and get ready to experience one of Australia’s most unique landscapes in all its rugged glory.

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