Nourlangie Rock is located in the ancient landscape of Arnhem Land.

Nourlangie Rock

Nourlangie Rock is well known for its spectacular collection of rock art that dates back centuries. The walls of Nourlangie Rock have been used in the past as shelter and canvas for thousands of years. Local Indigenous tribes used the rock as a way to communicate with each other, often drawing out stories and memories. The different paintings that can be discovered throughout the region enable visitors to gain a rich understanding of the spiritual historic significance of the area. Accompanying Nourlangie Rock are three cultural sites, including the Anbangbang Rock Shelter, Anbangbang Gallery and the Nanguluwur Art Site. Each of these locations have a collection of ancient rock art for travelers to explore.

Nourlangie Rock is easily Kakadu’s most beloved cultural site, but what are some of the other amazing attractions that await you at the glorious national park?

Yellow Water cruise

A sunrise river cruise on Yellow Water is one of the quintessential Kakadu experiences and is not to be missed. The glorious morning sunlight dances off the water as you cruise along and take in the beautiful landscape. But what makes this cruise even more spectacular is the awesome croc-spotting that comes with it!

Yes, Kakadu is famous (or infamous!) for its resident saltwater crocodile population and the Yellow River cruise is one of the very best ways to spot them in their prehistoric element. It’s truly a unique experience, and you’ll get to see plenty of other Kakadu wildlife along the way…

Jarrangbarnmi walk (Koolpin Gorge)

Jarrangbarnmi, or the Koolpin Gorge, is one of Kakadu’s most remote wonderlands. You need a permit to visit this part of the national park, as it is an important cultural and natural site, but what awaits you is some of Australia’s most pristine, untouched wilderness.

Spend your time there meandering around the stunning landscape, breathing in the fresh air and soaking in some of the refreshing natural pools. The landscape is perfect for hiking, as well as spotting unique birdlife and the park’s notorious salties!

Gunlom plunge pool

The Gunlom plunge pool is one of Kakadu’s most beloved sites: a stunning natural pool situated atop of a glorious trek. The world has caught onto building infinity pools in recent years, with hotels from Singapore to New York perching them on rooftops, but this incredible natural infinity pool has been sitting there for thousands of years!

Take a scenic flight over the waterfalls

Kakadu National Park is home to an array of incredible waterfalls, including Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls, and a scenic flight is an ultimate way to experience these natural wonders. These towering waterfalls are flush with thundering cascades, and a scenic flight over them is one of the park’s top experiences!

It’s truly Australia’s great natural wonderland

Kakadu is an experience like no other: one of the world’s most unique and stunning natural wildernesses that has to be seen to be truly believed and with so much adventure awaiting in its glorious landscape…

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