Gunlom Falls are located in the heart of the heritage listed Kakadu National Park.

Gunlom Falls

Gunlom Falls offer breathtaking views out across the south of Kakadu National Park, all in the comfort of the refreshing waters of the pools. At the peak of Gunlom Falls, visitors have the opportunity to check out the lookout walk, which takes you past stunning rock pools and offers panoramic views of the Southern Hills and Ridges. There are many activities on offer – enjoy the fresh and relaxing waters and go for a leisurely swim, or go for a walk on land, passing by many fascinating sights and native Australian Wildlife. If camping under the stars is something that interests you, the Gunlom Falls campground, is the ideal location to pitch your tent and enjoy a night in paradise.

Gunlom Falls easily takes the cake for enjoying an ultimate refreshment in Kakadu, but what are some of the other amazing experiences that await you in this most majestic part of the world?


The Nourlangie rock shelter has been an important cultural and natural site for the Gun-djeihmi speaking people for thousands of years. It is a truly magnificent rock formation that springs majestically out of the red and green earth below.

A hike to Nourlangie is easily one of the most inspiring adventures in the whole of Kakadu, and what awaits you there is simply astounding. The interweaving shelters, which have housed the Traditional Owners of the land for thousands of wet seasons, are decorated with striking rock paintings dating back 20,000 years ago!

The rock paintings are just one of the cultural elements of the park that make it unique, and make it one of the most special national parks in the whole of Australia…

Croc-spotting cruises

Kakadu National Park is home to a healthy population of the world’s most infamous prehistoric predator: the voracious saltwater crocodile! Yes, these Jurassic monsters inhabit the swamps and waters of the national park, spending days chilling out on the river banks and searching for that all-important feed.

Luckily, park visitors can see these magnificent reptiles from the safety of a Yellow Water cruise. This cruise is the best way to see the legendary salty without getting too close to them, and it’s also an unmissable opportunity to marvel upon the gorgeous sunrise hues that dance upon this most surreal wonderland.

Jarrangbarnmi walk

Situated in a most-isolated part of the park (it’s only really accessible by 4WD) is the most entrancing Jarrangbarnmi, or Koolpin Gorge. You can only enter this part of the park if you have a permit, as it is important cultural and natural land, but what awaits the lucky few who go there is spectacular.

A most serene part of the park, being there makes you feel a sense of true freedom from the outside world, with stunning trails and picturesque waterholes dotting the landscape.

For travellers with a little more time up their intrepid sleeves, an amazing journey to Jarrangbarnmi is a must!

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