The Karlu Karlu (formally known as Devils Marbles) are one of the Northern Territory’s most breathtaking natural wonders.

Karlu Karlu

Devils Marbles are a series of granite rock formations, shaped by erosion over a time frame exceeding millions of years. Many compare the formation of these rocks as a natural art exhibition. Each boulder is shaped differently, varying in height, ranging from 50 centimetres to 6 meters across! What makes the Marbles even more impressive, is the way in which all the formations are balanced against each other.

The boulders play a significant part in the culture of the Indigenous people of the region who name them Karlu Karlu, meaning “round boulders”. Take the opportunity to enjoy a leisurely walk around the eastern side of the Devils Marbles. There are no set tracks, however, exploring the eastern side of the track will uncover the history of the rock and its significance in modern society.

Karlu Karlu is one of Australia’s most surreal natural phenomena, and it makes up part of a spectacular region that is full of awe and wonder.

Let’s take a look at some of the other wondrous adventures that await you in and around the marvellous Tennant Creek!

Barkly Tableland

If you’ve ever wanted to find yourself somewhere that gives you the feeling of true isolation, liberation from society’s hustle and bustle, then the Barkly Tableland is calling your name…

This serene stretch of land is characterised by gorgeous plains, towering rock formations and vibrant waterholes, making it a true oasis in the middle of the rugged desert.

We’re claiming it: there is no better place in Australia to gaze upon a gorgeous sunset than the remote Barkly Tableland. The dazzling suns seem to dance off the gorgeous landscape and create its own natural spectacular, with shifting hues of reds and golds leading into a tranquil night.

Davenport Ranges

The Davenport Ranges are Australia’s true outback: a magnificent series of bush tracks that perfectly encapsulate what it means to find yourself alone in this wide and remote country!

The peaceful beauty of the Davenport Ranges National Park is not to be missed, and is the perfect place for a spot of off-road 4WDing. This far-off location draws in intrepid travellers eager to see Australia in its most undisturbed form!

If you’re lucky enough to venture into this spectacular part of the Top End, be sure to keep your eye out for some of Australia’s unique wildlife. The ranges are an important wildlife refuge, and are home to the likes of the emu, rock wallaby and the Australian Bustard, known as the “bush turkey” to Indigenous Australians.

Tennant Creek

Tennant Creek is a charming outpost that serves as a true hub of Indigenous Australian culture. Here, friendly locals regale legends like that of the local “Nyinkka”, a thorny-tailed goanna that formed Tennant Creek. The town is the perfect place to rest your head after some serious outback adventuring, as well as take in some of the wonderful culture that makes the town so revered across Oz.

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