The Edith Falls are a collection of stunning waterfalls and pools, located on the Edith River within the Nitmiluk National Park.

Edith Falls

The impressive falls crash down from an elevation of 176 meters above sea level, and there are various trails leading visitors to the peak. The walkway to Edith Falls is connected to Katherine Gorge via the Jatbula walking track, a whopping 66 kilometers in distance. Edith Falls have a strong connection with the Jawoyn people, who were the original custodians of the land. For breathtaking views and picturesque boardwalks, Edith Falls is a highly recommended destination to visit.

Edith Falls are one of the incredible spots that make the Nitmiluk National Park show special, but what are some of the other amazing adventures that await you in this most unspoiled part of Australia?

17 Mile Falls

Only accessible by hiking the Jatbula Trail, this hidden natural masterpiece is sure to inspire a sense of freedom and wonder upon arrival. Encapsulating everything about the Top End that is rocky, rugged and absolutely vibrant, 17 Mile Falls are a gorgeous slice of tropical splendour! The hike out there takes four to five days to complete, but those who do get out there are always amazed by its sheer brilliance.

Sandy Camp

Sandy Camp isn’t your typical national park campsite: it’s situated on a glorious blue waterhole adjoined by sandy beaches that make for the perfect place to rest your head after a hard day’s hiking. A literal oasis in the midst of epic walking trails, Sandy Camp is not only great for a refreshing dip but also simply taking in the wonder and majesty of the water’s reflection, the paperbark trees overlooking it and the vibrant birdlife.

Northern Rockhole

The Northern Rockhole is a wonderful half-day walk from Katherine Gorge, and what awaits you is some of the most marvellous scenery in the whole park and something that makes the journey well worth the effort. This gorgeous waterhole and falls comprise sedimentary volcanic rocks in the cliff face split down the middle by a flowing single drop waterfall. Once you arrive at the waterhole, climb down into the magnificent emerald waters for a well-earned dip and hang out to see some of the incredible reflections that form on the water surface.

The Amphitheatre

The wondrous amphitheatre has to be one of the Top End’s most expansive, incredible scenes. This natural monsoonal rainforest is spread over a sprawling pocket of the Jatbula Trail and is a simple joy to rest on along your journey through the national park! Typically arriving on the third day of this unforgettable walk, a short set of descending steps takes you into the incredible amphitheatre, a much-welcomed change from the red and rough country you have just traversed!

Finally, The Amphitheatre is home to some stunning Aboriginal rock art left on the walls by the Dagoman and Jawoyn people. This is one of the most mesmerising stop offs on what is sure to be an incredible journey along the amazing Jatbula Trail!

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