Tolmer Falls are one of the most iconic waterfalls to be discovered throughout the breathtaking Litchfield National Park.

Tolmer Falls

The falls are named after Alexander Tolmer, a colleague of the famous explorer Frederick Henry Litchfield’s. The Tolmer Falls cascade over two elevated rock formations and thumps into a deep plunge pool, located at the base of the falls. The falls can be accessed by sealed road and are located 85km south of Darwin.

Take the opportunity to venture on a short trek that leads visitors to a spectacular viewing platform located at the peak of the waterfalls. The viewing platform marks the beginning of 1.6km walking track which returns to Tolmer Falls. The walking track leads you through several stunning petite rock pools which run along Tolmer Creek.

The awe-inspiring Tolmer Falls is just one of the incredible attractions that await you in Litchfield National Park, so what are some of these amazing adventures that will greet you in the park?

The termite mounds

If ever you needed proof that the Top End is full of otherworldly structures then Litchfield’s termite mounds are exactly that! These eerie, gigantic structures were formed by termites building them from any number of materials they can get their mitts on, and the results are really something else.

There are both cathedral termite mounds (which, duh, look like cathedrals!) and magnetic mounds (which aren’t actually magnetic but are built in a way they face north-to-south and look more akin to a cemetery of tombstones – strange stuff!).

The Lost City

The Lost City is one of the most bizarre and impressive natural features in the whole Top End: an incredible section of eroded stone formations that grant the region its mystical title. The Lost City is only accessible via 4WD journey, and is totally worth it, as The Lost City offers a spectacular insight into land erosion in this ancient wonderland.

Buley Rockhole

The Buley Rockhole is the perfect place to soak up fresh NT water and chill out after a day’s amazing adventuring! This gorgeous tropical waterhole is a favourite among park visitors as it essentially acts as an oasis to enjoy after all the hiking and traversing that comes with a visit to the park. It’s so peaceful and is really a wonderful place to chill out.

Florence Falls

Litchfield is home to many impressive water features, with Buley Rockhole and Tolmer Falls joined by the wonderfully beautiful Florence Falls. There are two large falls bucketing down into the waterhole below, with the falls also providing another awesome spot to grab a well-earned dip!

Scenic flight

Litchfield National Park is a truly awe-inspiring part of the country, and despite not being as instantly recognisable as its Kakadu partner park, it is equally as astounding, and there is no better way to take in all its glory than the birds eye view of a scenic flight!

The vastness and lush terrain are truly a jaw dropping sight to see, and a scenic flight is a perfect way to cap off what is sure to be a memorable trip to the national park…

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