Maguk, located within the heart of the Kakadu National Park, is also known as Barramundi Gorge and can be found in the Mary River area to the south of the National Park.


A 14-kilometre four-wheel drive trip, followed by a 1-kilometre walk is necessary to reach the picturesque destination. The walk to Maguk offers some of the most stunning scenic views within the vicinity of the Kakadu National Park. The landscape of Maguk is unique as it is both rocky and sandy, with various stepping stones in place to pass over wetlands. Maguk is one of the only waterfalls within the Kakadu National Park that does dry up throughout the summer months, even with a lack of rainfall throughout the area. Escape the heat, and spend a day relaxing in the stunning waters of Maguk!

Maguk is one of the ideal spots to cool off and relax in this adventurous wonderland, but what are some of the other incredible activities that await you in the mesmerising Kakadu National Park?


Nourlangie is one of Kakadu’s most sacred cultural and natural sites: a majestic rock formation and cave system that houses centuries-old Indigenous rock paintings. A hike up to Nourlangie is magical in itself, with the gorgeous golds, reds and greens of the formation providing a stunning backdrop for walking.

But when you get up to the shelters you are greeted with a truly incredible place of cultural significance: the Nourlangie rock paintings. These works have been painted by local Indgenous people dating back an amazing 20,000 years, and provide an eye-opening look into the culture and history of the original inhabitants of the land!

Croc-spotting on the Yellow Water

Kakadu, among many other wondrous natural aspects, is home to a rather sizable population of our country’s most magnificent (and ferocious) predator: the fearsome saltwater crocodile. These majestic creatures roam the national park’s waterways looking for something good to eat, and you have the opportunity to see them from the safety of a Yellow Water cruise!

This is one of the best opportunities in Oz to see these prehistoric predators in their natural element, as well as experience the gorgeous golds, pinks and reds of the morning light on the plains and water. It’s a truly unique experience for nature-lovers and for anyone who has ever wanted to get just that little bit closer to the terrifying salty…

Gunlom plunge pool

The infinity pool has become a bit of a 21st Century favourite for architects, but nature’s architect built one in Kakadu centuries ago! The Gunlom plunge pool has to be one of the world’s most incredible natural waterholes, with refreshing waters and endless views projecting from the pool’s edge.

Hike your way up there and soak up the gorgeous waters of Gunlom – it really is the ultimate way to relax and refresh in this gorgeous part of the world!

It’s one of the world’s most stunning national parks

Kakadu is full of so much wonder that you’re almost spoiled for choice, but these are some of the best places to start your unforgettable national park adventure.

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