Things to Do in Kakadu

Kakadu National Park is Australia’s biggest national park, around to be half the size of Switzerland!

Kakadu National Park is an astonishing display of nature’s diversity. This one park holds an array of landscapes and ecosystems, as well as a thriving native animal population. Kakadu National Park is an unmissable natural wonder that will be the highlight of your trip.

Sitting just a couple of hours’ drive outside Darwin, Kakadu National Park exposes visitors to the incredible natural beauty that characterises this part of Australia. The park is an important cultural area for the local Aboriginal people and is run in collaboration with its traditional custodians. The scenery here is a patchwork quilt of lush billabongs, scorched horizons, refreshing pools that sit below cascading waterfalls, and sandstone escarpment that seems to sprawl on forever.

Wildlife and Landscape

View the incredible wildlife of this area, with both natural wonders and unique animals dwelling here. Cruise down Kakadu’s Yellow Water Billabong to see the fascinating sights within Australia’s wilderness. It is Kakadu’s biggest wetlands, so you are sure to catch sight of some remarkable wildlife along the way. One of the most famous creatures to look out for is the massive saltwater crocodile. Even if you aren’t a fan of these scary salties, you will be in awe when facing these massive beasts up close and personal.

Take a river cruise for the chance to see these creatures from the safety of a boat. Trained guides will point out fascinating wildlife, and you may even see a croc taking a great leap out of the water for a tasty treat!

No, those aren’t mud stacks you can see but termite mounds! See the unique creations formed by this tiny insect at the Cathedral Termite Mounds. Termite colonies create their incredible homes using their saliva and carefully craft their homes to receive the best weather! They form skyscrapers around seven metres high, which are some of the tallest structures created by non-human animals in the entire world. You will be in awe when standing next to these incredible masterpieces.

Culture in Kakadu

Kakadu is home to the oldest living culture in the world. There are many ancestral beings here and the park is a living part of Aboriginal culture. Visiting the parks visitor centres are a great way to learn more about this diverse and complex culture. Discover more about Kakadu’s history at Warradjan Cultural Centre, by seeing ancient artefacts and learning old stories and traditions.

Learn more about the land’s history when you journey to the Nourlangie Rock. Here you can see thousands of ears old rock art. There is a range of works from different centuries teaching us about their way of life and ancestral beings. Glimpse what life was like centuries ago as you wander around this outdoor gallery.

Visiting Kakadu

Refresh from the scorching sun and plunge into one of Kakadu’s pristine swimming spots. Dive into the clear waters of Gunlom Falls, one of the most renowned natural pools in Kakadu. Sit along the edge of the pool and view the incredible backdrop, one of the best views in Australia.

Kakadu gets busy in the dry season where visitors flock to experience its mesmerising landscape and to see its resident critters, but there is always a hiking route or a rainforest trail that will take you to lands unknown and let you discover the real, untouched beauty of the Northern Territory.