Things to Do in Kakadu

Set just a couple of hours drive outside of Darwin, Kakadu National Park exposes visitors to the incredible natural beauty that characterises this part of Australia. As well as providing a backdrop for all sorts of native creatures, plants, and birds, the park also presents the deep connective narrative between the landscape and its Aboriginal custodians. Within its clutches, there are a collection of ancient rock art galleries where you can catch a glimpse of what life was like centuries ago.

The scenery here is a patchwork quilt of lush billabongs, scorched horizons, refreshing pools that sit below cascading waterfalls, and sandstone escarpment that seems to sprawl on forever.

Kakadu does get busy in the dry season, where visitors flock to experience its mesmerising landscape and to see its resident critters, but there is always a hiking route or a rainforest trail that will take you to lands unknown and let you discover the real, untouched beauty of the Northern Territory.


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