The Twin Falls are one of the most famous sites located within the Kakadu National Park, and are one of the many reasons which attract travelers to the region.

Twin Falls

There are numerous ways which you can visit the World Heritage Listed Twin Falls, with breathtaking views and scenery in every direction. One of the most popular ways to discover the beauty of Twin Falls is by taking the boat shuttle. The shuttle takes participants along the river, offering a rather unique perspective of the falls. An alternative way to uncover the picturesque views of Twin Falls is by foot. The walk is 6km return, and once you reach the peak of Twin Falls, you will gain exposure to stunning views of the Twin Falls Gorge Below. Take the time to enjoy a swim in one of the many pools to be discovered throughout the area, or enjoy a picnic style lunch with simply breathtaking views.

The Twin Falls is just one of the incredible adventures that await you in the surreal Kakadu National Park – let’s take a look at some of the other wondrous activities you will experience in this natural wonderland!

The Nourlangie Shelters

Nourlangie is one of the most sacred cultural and natural sites in Kakadu: part rock shelter, part amazing view and part ancient art site all mingled into one unforgettable part of the park.

As if a hike up to this awe-inspiring section of wilderness wasn’t enough, the adjoining shelters, which protected Indigenous peoples throughout the wet season for centuries, is also home to incredible ancient rock art paintings, dating back as far as 20,000 years ago!

Croc-spotting cruises

Kakadu is famous, or perhaps infamous, for being home to history’s most prehistoric predator: the fearsome saltwater crocodile! These Jurassic monsters stalk the waterways in search of prey, swallowing up whatever they can get their giant teeth on…

Luckily for visitors, there are Yellow Water cruises that get you right up and close to the beasts from the safety of a boat. A sunrise river cruise is not only one of the best ways to see salties in their habitat, but it’s also the ideal way to catch the glorious morning hues dancing across the Kakadu land and waterways – a must do on your visit to the park.

Gunlom plunge pool

You’ve seen them on Insta, and you may have even swum in one: infinity pools are all the rage in the 21st Century. They’re building them from Melbourne to Miami, but Kakadu has played host to a natural infinity pool for thousands of years!

There is nothing more rewarding than hiking up to the Gunlom plunge pool: you will be met with one of the most refreshing dips you’re ever likely to have (not to mention the endless views over the ancient landscape, simply breathtaking).

It’s just a magnificent land

Kakadu sits alongside the Great Barrier Reef as one of Australia’s favourite natural wonderlands. With so many incredible things to do, you can be sure you’re in for an unforgettable experience in this most inspiring part of Oz.

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