The Cathedral termite mounds are one of Kakadu and Litchfield National Park’s most iconic sites.

The termite mounds are located throughout the forest in the open landscape and stand up to seven meters in height. The termite mound structures are approximately 100 years old, and unique in this part of Australia, as hundreds of these mounds can be discovered throughout the vicinity of the National Park. The mounds were crafted by termites using a centuries old technique. The cast of termites protect the mounds by using a sticky saliva type substance that traps any predators such as ants and various other creepy crawlies. You can locate a whole group of these picturesque mounds within the National Park, 17km in from the eastern boundary. A collection of boardwalks take you around the collection of mounds. The termite mounds are just one of Kakadu and Litchfield’s many iconic sites on offer, and we highly recommend that you pay a visit to the well renowned area.