Things to do at Litchfield National Park

Litchfield National Park is a stunning natural landscape located an hour’s drive south of Darwin. While the name might not be as instantly recognisable as its giant neighbour, Kakadu National Park, a journey to Litchfield every bit as memorable, with towering waterfalls, unreal stone formations, eerie termite mounds and a sprawling dreamscape making this national park a unique national treasure.

The massive, ancient park is full of exciting activities that are sure to have you looking back on your time there in absolute joy!

Let’s take a look at this lesser known, albeit incredible national park, and what makes it such a memorable adventure for intrepid travellers.

  • It’s easily one of Australia’s most astounding landscapes

    There is one reason and one reason alone to visit Litchfield National Park: to marvel and wonder at its otherworldly, unparalleled landscape. The national park is like a universe of its own, separated by millions of years of formation in the harsh northern climate.

    To get started, why not head to the unbelievable, metres-high termite mounds, which spring out of the ancient landscape like insect-made tombstones. This is a most bizarre sight to see, as the mounds almost take the form of sculptures built by one of the great surrealists.

    Next, head on to the incredible Lost City: a giant landscape of sandstone outcrops formed over millions of years of erosion. You will need a local 4WD expert to guide you there (if you’re not an off-roader yourself), but it is totally worth the journey – this is another magical site that makes Litchfield so unique.

  • Take a well-earned dip in a waterhole (or waterfall)

    Anyone who ventures to the Top End will tell you it’s pretty hot – even in the winter months. So, this makes for the perfect opportunity to swim in some of the world’s most glorious natural pools, and Litchfield is chock-full of them! A top pick for locals and tourists alike is the Buley Rockhole, a gorgeous collection of shallow water pools and plunge pools. Another gem is Florence Falls: a vibrant series of waterfalls that encapsulates the incredible, Jurassic atmosphere of the national park.

  • It’s the perfect walker’s park

    Litchfield National Park is home to wondrous short walks that are perfect for morning strolls. The Florence Creek Trail, beginning at the Buley Rockhole, takes you between this marvelous site onto Florence Falls themselves, making it the perfect way to catch a dip on either side of the hike.