Koolpin Gorge is a remote destination in the heart of the Kakadu National Park, accessible only by 4WD.

Koolpin Gorge

There is only one bush campsite, with minimal facilities, which often deters tourists from visiting the gorge – making it the perfect place to experience Kakadu away from the crowds. Go on a leisurely bushwalk through some of Kakadu’s roughest and most challenging terrain, passing by picturesque lookout points, as well as spotting native species of plants and animals along the way.

As harsh as the landscape can be, Koolpin Gorge offers a number of relaxing swimming holes to take a much-deserved dip in! Only a select group of people are lucky enough to visit the Gorge annually, therefore we strongly encourage all to experience the beauty of Koolpin Gorge for themselves.

Koolpin Gorge is a supreme piece of remote wilderness in the stunning Kakadu National Park, totally worth the effort to get there if you have a few days up to your sleeve, but what are some of the incredible attractions that await you in this wonderful part of the world?

Croc-spotting cruise

Kakadu is world famous for being inhabited by Australia’s most magnificent beast: the legendary saltwater crocodile. These Jurassic predators roam the billabongs, swamps and rivers looking for a feast and enjoying the good life that a species that really isn’t in any danger from its co-inhabitants can!

Luckily for us humans, we have the marvellous opportunity to spot these wondrous predators in their element from the relative comfort and safety of a Yellow Water cruise! These awesome tours operate on the regular and provide ample opportunity to spot the scaly beasts as they hunt, swim and catch a little RnR.

What’s more, these morning cruises provide the ultimate opportunity to catch the glorious hues of the Kakadu morning, where reds, golds, pinks and blues of the sky dance around the wondrous landscape and shade the park in an ethereal light.

Gunlom plunge pool

The word is out: infinity pools are pretty damn cool. They’re building them in every luxury hotel where the potential for a swim with a view is prominent, but nature started building them thousands of years before an architect ever thought it was a good idea!

Case in point: the Gunlom plunge pool. This spectacular natural landmark is the ideal place to rest and refresh after some serious Kakadu trekking, with the cool waters and expansive views creating a sense of true liberty among the rocky escarpments…


The Nourlangie shelter has been an important cultural and natural site for the Traditional Owners of the land for thousands of years. Hiking to Nourlangie and its monolithic formation is a joy in itself, but marvelling upon the ancient rock art is a truly unique experience.

Some of the pieces date back an incredible 20,000 years, detailing everything from local wildlife to creation stories and traditional x-ray art.

It’s Australia’s most magnificent national park

A trip to Kakadu is a rite of passage for anyone who wants to experience the amazing expanse of the Top End. Be enchanted by the amazing culture and natural wonder of this park – you will want a few days to do so!

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