For a day full of peace and picturesque views, there is no better way to forget congested city life, than by escaping into the remote Kata Tjuta & Valley of the Winds.

Valley of the Winds

Take the opportunity to enjoy a number of breathtaking walks throughout the area during your visit. The Karu Lookout track consists of several loose rocks to trek around, however, this grade 3 track offers stunning views. The walk is only 2.2km return, and drinking water is available at the start of the walking track.

For something slightly more challenging, visit the Karingana Lookout. The track takes visitors down into valley creek beds, and can be quite challenging, however the views are certainly worth the effort. The duration of the walk is approximately 2.5 hours return, with a total distance of 5.4km covered. The most challenging, yet most rewarding track is known as the Full Circuit Walking Track. This walk takes participants into the heart and soul of the spectacular landscape.

The walk is approximately 7.4km’s and can take up to 4 hours to complete! The Kata Tjuta & Valley of the Winds is a location that is ideal for those who enjoy a challenging, yet rewarding stroll, with breathtaking views on offer for those who complete the courses.

If you’re not looking to take on the intensity of the Full Circuit walk, the Walpa Gorge provides an easy, peaceful journey through lush surroundings. A refuge for the national park’s flora and fauna, the Walpa Gorge is one of the most stunning walks in the whole of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.

There is plenty of vibrant plant and tree species, as well as the likes of the hopping wallaroo, similar to the more common kangaroo and wallaby! The walks of Kata Tjuta are an incredible way to traverse this stunning series of ancient sandstone domes, and provide tranquil, atmospheric experiences during your time at the national park.

So, let’s move on to Kata Tjuta’s giant, instantly recognisable neighbour, the majestic…


Uluru is easily Australia’s most famous natural icon: a gigantic sandstone monolith that jumps out of the desert sand below. A trip to Uluru is an Australian travel rite of passage, as it’s not only an incredible sight to see, but it also holds such special significance to the Anangu people, whose stories state that they are the descendants of ancestors who created both Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

Uluru is a most enchanting place to visit, and the best time of day is to see it in the twilight hours, before dawn and sunset. At this time, the moving sun blesses its rays upon the monolith, creating a dazzling light show that simply can’t be recreated in the daytime hours…

Both Kata Tjuta and Uluru should be visited when heading to the national park: they are both equally worthy as each other for their own unique qualities, including unforgettable walks, gorgeous waterholes and simply marvelling upon these otherworldly monoliths!

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