Located within the famous Kakadu National Park, Jim Jim Creek is known for the Australian National Heritage Listed waterfalls that cascade over the picturesque scenery.

Jim Jim Falls

The Jim Jim Falls, as well as Twin Falls, are the most well-known attractions within the Kakadu National Park. The water cascades for a total of 200 meters and crashes down into the ancient gorge below. The falls are convenient to access, with well-maintained gravel paths which curve around the Jim Jim camping area.

From the gravel walking path, take the opportunity to enjoy a stroll to Jim Jim Creek passing a variety of the most picturesque scenery you will encounter within the Kakadu National Park. A visit to Jim Jim Falls not only offers spectacular scenery, the falls also provide an insight into what the land may have looked like thousands of years ago.

Jim Jim Falls is the towering attraction of the stunning Kakadu National Park, but what are some of the other outstanding adventures that await you in this most surreal part of Australia?


Nourlangie has been an imperative Indigenous site for thousands of years, providing shelter and a natural canvas to paint important rock art works. The Traditional Owners of the land have been using Nourlangie’s interweaving caves to shelter from innumerable wet seasons, whilst painting the walls with incredible, millenia-old x-ray art!

It’s a truly unique artistic and natural site, and one that easily tops the list of amazing Kakadu experiences.

Croc-spotting cruises

Kakadu and its swampy marshes are renowned for being the perfect hunting ground for Australia’s prehistoric predator: the saltwater crocodile. Yes, salties roam the waterways looking for something tasty to eat (and more often than not they find it!).

For travellers who have always wanted to see these magnificent beasts in the flesh, a Yellow Water cruise is a perfect way to do so! These cruises take you up and down the swamps of Kakadu in the gorgeous morning light, providing the perfect opportunity to spot the salties (and a host of other awesome native animals) in their habitat!

Gunlom plunge pool

The world’s architects have caught on: infinity pools are pretty awesome. The expansive views given across the illusion of a straight drop makes for an awesome spot to have a refreshing soak, and Kakadu has played host to one for thousands of years!

The Gunlom plunge pool, situated at the top of an awesome hike, provides one of the world’s most stunning natural places to have a refreshing dip. Not only is the water cool and nourishing, but the endless views of the Kakadu plains really sum up what makes this park so special.


Jarrangbarnmi, or Koolpin Gorge, is a remote part of the national park that can only be entered with a permit. Why? Because it is such a special cultural and natural site, and it’s easy to see why. Rugged trails and gorgeous waterholes await you in this amazing part of the park – just be sure you’ve booked your 4WD to get out to it!

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