For more than 100 million years saltwater crocodiles have been one of the largest and most deadly reptiles discovered throughout the world.

Jumping Crocodile

The crocodiles can reach up to 7 meters in length, and of the 200 000 saltwater crocs in Australia, the majority are located in areas surrounding Darwin and the Mary River. Crocodiles play a pivotal role in the eco system in Northern Territory, however, they almost came into extinction in the 1950’s as they were hunted for their skins.

Witnessing these beasts during feeding time, is an experience that will last a life time. Join in the fun and observe jumping crocodiles in their natural habitat, leaping out of the muddy waters and snapping up at their prey.

The jumping crocodiles are just one of the incredible natural adventures that await you in the marvellous Northern Territory. So, what are some of the other unforgettable experiences that are sure to invigorate your senses in this fabled part of the world?

Kakadu National Park

There is nowhere else in the world like Kakadu National Park. Sure, the world is full of wonderful nature reserves that carry their own spectacular sights, but Kakadu is unique in its own, and easily one of the most mesmerising places in this whole wide world!

Where to start with Kakadu? First, there is the wondrous Nourlangie shelter. This series of shelters weaving through a majestic rock formation have been used by the local Gun-djeihmi people for thousands of wet seasons. What makes Nourlangie even more stunning is the ancient rock art painted across the walls, some of which dates back thousands of years!

Nourlangie is the perfect place to start with your amazing Kakadu adventure, and it’s then time to experience wonderful natural sites like Jim Jim Falls and the Gunlom plunge pool – one of the world’s most enchanting natural infinity pools.

Finally, if you have the time, be sure to grab yourself a permit and head out to the remote Jarrangbarnmi (Koolpin Gorge). This pristine part of the park requires a permit because it is an important cultural and natural site, and this is beautifully encapsulated once you arrive there.

Tranquil waterholes, rugged paths and more await you at the serene Jarrangbarnmi – you just need a climb aboard 4WD to get out there!

Litchfield National Park

The name Litchfield National Park isn’t as instantly recognisable as the much larger Kakadu, but it is full of its own awe and wonder that makes it the perfect companion trip to Kakadu.

Marvel upon the eerie termite mounds, some of which easily tower upon even the tallest of people, before heading over to the Lost City, a series of bizarre rock formations.

Finally, Litchfield is the perfect place to have a super refreshing dip after a day’s exploring. Florence Falls, Buley Falls, Walker Creek and the Cascades are all great places for a soak after you’ve taken in some of that toasty NT sun!

Litchfield is the perfect way to cap off your amazing Top End adventure, and a simply surreal place to experience.

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