Things to do at Ubirr

Kakadu National Park is so remarkable that visitors are spoiled for choice when traversing its stunning dreamscapes. From the inspiring Nourlangie shelters to the towering Jim Jim Falls, the tranquil Koolpin Gorge to the excitement of a croc-spotting cruise, Kakadu is a land that has to be seen to truly understand its wonder!

One of Kakadu’s most serene attractions is that of the Ubirr walk: a stunning passage of Indigenous rock art that leads to an incredible lookout over the Nadab floodplain. The local Indigenous people camped at Ubirr’s rock shelters for thousands of years, hunting and gathering food from the surrounding floodplains.

The rock art provides an amazing snapshot into life around the shelter, with paintings of animals that were used for food making up the collection. What is so astounding about the rock art is its age: the walls are adorned with millennia-old artworks, including one of a Tasmanian devil (an animal that has been extinct on the Australian mainland for 2000 years!).

Visitors revel in viewing the mystifying artwork en route to the top of the escarpment, which provides one of the most awe-inspiring views in the whole of Kakadu. Be sure to be there for sunset: the birds start to sing and the colour of the sky above illuminates the endless land below.

The Ubirr walk is one of the best attractions to add to your Kakadu itinerary which, naturally, should include these awesome adventures…

A crock-spotting tour

For people who have ever wanted to get close (but not too close!) to one of these prehistoric predators – this is probably the world’s best opportunity. A billabong croc-spotting cruise is the optimal way to see these voracious beasts in their element – the dark and murky billabong waters. Snap a shot and watch as your experienced guide points out some of Kakadu’s famous Jurassic monsters!

Head out to the Koolpin Gorge

For those who plan on spending a few days in the national park, the Koolpin Gorge should not be passed on. You will need a permit to enter the gorge, as it is an area of environmental and Indigenous importance, but this also means you may just have this incredible part of the park largely to yourself. Hike, swim and take in the gorge’s magnificence – it’s a truly unforgettable Kakadu adventure!