Known as one of the world’s friendliest creatures, the dolphins of Australia offer a magnificent ocean adventure for those travelling through the country.

Dolphins in Australia

Some of the country’s greatest tourism spots offer the ultimate wildlife encounters where you can come face to face with the local dolphins.

  • Moreton Island

    Moreton Island is home to a small pod of dolphins that have been here for decades. They roam the surrounding ocean of the island in the day, and at sunset head inward to the shallow shores. Here the Tangalooma resort offers a daily dolphin feeding activity where visitors can stand waist-deep in the water and slowly feed the dolphins as they brush past you. It is truly a unique adventure and lets you see these amazing creatures up close and personal in the warm waters of their home.

  • Baird Bay

    One of the best places to swim with dolphins in Australia, if not the world, is Baird Bay on the Eyre Peninsular. Here you can join a fun and safe boat tour to Jones Island for the opportunity to jump right in the water with dolphins and sea lions. The highly intelligent animals are not fed or lured in any way, interacting with travellers out of their own curiosity and offering an incredible opportunity to observe them in their natural habitat.

  • Port Stephens

    Just two and a half hours drive from Sydney, Port Stephens is perfect for a swim with the dolphins. You can choose to simply float in the region until one of the local friendly dolphins slowly comes up to meet you if you are lucky. Otherwise, you can join the official Dolphin Swim Australia, where swimmers are slowly pulled alongside the dolphins in the ocean-going catamaran. Here you can look down below and see the dolphins swimming below you as you move along the water’s surface.

  • Monkey Mia

    Over on the west coast, a friendly group of dolphins regularly visit the shallow waters of Monkey Mia for a fishy feed from the eager travellers. They also hunt and feed in the coastal waters around this chilled-out town north of Perth, so you might get lucky if you’re swimming around the area.

  • Tin Can Bay

    See the local dolphins of Tin Can Bay up close and personal during your Fraser Island adventure. Head to the shores at 8:00 am every day and experience the sustainable dolphin feeding available where the local dolphins make their way to the bay to enjoy a light breakie from the guests who join in on the fun. Simply flick off your shoes and roll up your pants to wade into the warm waters. Throwing the fishy treats in as the dolphins come up for a pat as they munch on these snacks. Giving you one of the best starts days of your day!

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