Moreton Island’s friendliest locals are the pod of dolphins that roam about the shallow shores of the Island!

One of the best ways to meet these creatures is through the resort of Tangalooma’s dolphin feeding activity. A truly unique adventure where you can see the dolphins up close and personal in the warm waters of the beachfront.

Wild Dolphin Feeding at Tangalooma

Moreton Island’s Tangalooma Resort offers a range of activities, with the dolphin interaction by far the most popular. The local pod of dolphins to swim up to the shoreline, where visitors can stand waist-deep in the water and feed the creatures. The animals are used to human interaction and brush against visitors’ legs while they get their treats. The feeding time is right after sunset, so guests can enjoy a stunning sunset view on the beach before heading out into the water to meet the dolphins. The activity is a sustainable experience, with only a small amount of food provided to the dolphins for their dinner. Due to the small amount, the creatures must hunt for the remainder of their food for the day, making sure they don’t fully rely on the resort’s feeding. There is even an informational presentation before the feeding, known as the “Discover the World of Dolphins”, presented at the resort’s Marine Education Centre.

The Cost of the Experience

Visitors must choose to enjoy a full-day tour to enjoy this dolphin feeding experience. This includes transport to and from the island, as well as other activities to enjoy. These include a Marine Discovery Tour, where guests can explore the coastline of Moreton Island via snorkelling, the Desert Safari Tour, featuring a 4WD adventure and sand tobogganing on the island’s dunes, or the Whale Watching Cruise, letting visitors head out on a small boat to see the whales up close as they roam about the shallow shores! The entire 1 Day Moreton Island Cruise with Dolphin Feeding is a total of $199 per passenger. Making sure a truly unforgettable adventure at a great cost!

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