See the sunken ships of Tangalooma amidst this sapphire shore!

Nestled just off the coast of the magnificent Moreton Island is the famous Tangalooma Wreck. A cluster of fifteen sunken ships known as the Tangalooma Wrecks. It has become a world-renowned snorkelling and scuba diving site, with its perfect blend of the rusting ship vessels and the marine life which call it their home. But how exactly did this wreck come to be?

The Creation of the Tangalooma Wrecks

It is no mistake that fifteen vessels coincidentally marooned in a row in the shallow shores of Moreton Island, as it is, in fact, a completely man-made marine wonderland. The fifteen wrecks were deliberately sunk near the coast to form a break wall for small boats after local boat owners requested the construction of a  harbour for safe anchorage. The request was granted in 1963, and the 15 junk ships were buried in a sandbank off Moreton Island. These ships included old barges, dredges, and flatboats, with the huge structures creating a fantastic protected region for swimmers and smaller boats to enjoy. Moreton Island’s crystal-clear waters make the sunken ships an easily seen structure, transforming the ocean silhouette into this unique sight of both man mad structures and marine scenery.

How you can see the Ships

  • Snorkel the Region

    Due to the permanence of the submerged ships, the entire landscape has become one with the reef. After years of slowly rusting, with moss, coral, and seaweed growing over sections, the entire underwater ship sections have become as much a part of the reef as the seafloor, providing for a perfect snorkelling site! The region offers depths of 2-10 meters and visibility up to 8 meters, letting visitors spot the amazing amount of marine life admits the rustling ships. Get up close and personal with the incredible wildlife, such as an array of colourful fish, ancient sea turtles, and even grassing sea dugongs.

  • Boat or Kayak Out

    If you aren’t much of a swimmer, you can simply cruise out on a boat or kayak to see the wrecks up close! The big ship vessels slowly cruise past this line of ships, with the professional cruise describing the history and details about each vessel. There is even sunset and night boat rides to see the nightlife of the region. Kayaking can offer you a little bit more independence, letting you glide around the wrecks easily and even hopping into the ocean if you get tempted!

  • Sea Scooter the Sea Floor

    For one of Moreton Island’s truly unforgettable experiences, hop on their sea scooter. An underwater contraption that propels you through the water so you can see the marine life up close and personal without any effort.

  • See the Bird’s Eye View via Helicopter

    Soar above the sea and clouds on one of the island’s helicopter flights! Guaranteeing you epic views of the iconic Tangalooma Wrecks from above, seeing all fifteen vessels all at once as they blend with the aqua and sapphire ocean waters.

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