Unlike most regions of the world, Darwin does not have the typical four seasons every year.

Instead only having one wet and one dry season due to its tropical region. Meaning that in no time during the year, does Darwin get the winter chills!

The Wet Season of Darwin

As you can probably gather from the name, this season is full of monsoonal rain, tropical thunder, and high winds. Occurring from November to April, temperatures sit around 33C during the day and drop to 25C overnight, with the high levels of rain causing extreme humidity of 80% on most days.

Because of the constant storms, the wet season can be meet with floods throughout the Darwin region, with road closures and tour cancellations sometimes occurring. However, the area comes alive in the wet season, with the greenery enhanced brilliantly and the waterfalls and rivers overflowing with thundering water! The storms itself can be an amazing sight to see, with many sitting down to eat their dinners while they watch the lightning storms dance about the horizon on the hot humid nights!

The Dry Season of Darwin

The Dry season is the complete opposite weather to the wet. With warm, dry days with clear blue skies that can reach up to 32 degrees but cooling down to as low as 16 degrees at night. Although the humidity is still high, measuring at 60% on most days, it is a lot more bearable than the wet season. This time is best for tourists, as it is better for day sightseeing, lively nights, and of course is the festival season in Darwin, with ample events and festivals running throughout the dry season. The dry season runs at the same time as the rest of Australia’s winter, so many local Australians head to the region to ditch the chills and to relax in the balmy climate!

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