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Right up the top of Australia lies Darwin, a small but vibrant city. A base point for many travellers touring the Northern Territory, Darwin offers a delicious variety of cuisines, local activities such as markets or fishing, as well as a great tropical atmosphere. However, once you’ve seen all of what Darwin has to offer, treking out to the beyond is strongly recommended. Take a full-day detour and escape the bustling city to the outback at one of these epic destinations!

  • Kakadu National Park

    Kakadu National Park is Australia’s biggest national park, roundabout half the size of Switzerland! Adventure into the Aussie wilderness to swim beneath the incredible waterfalls, discover the amazing Aboriginal rock art, or cruise along the billabongs. Apart from the picturesque landscape, the national park is also home to a wonderous amount of history. With the elemental link between the land and the Aboriginal custodians, the Bininj and Mungguy communities. Discover the extremely interesting culture of this region while seeing the spectacular ecosystem amidst your one day out of Darwin.

  • Litchfield National Park

    Only a 60-minute drive from Darwin, Litchfield is the perfect outdoor adventure during your travels. nestled smack bang in the middle of the Australian outback, this magical park is home to stunning waterfalls, natural pools, rainforests, and sacred sights. See the skyscrapers of Litchfield National Park, created by the architectures of the animal kingdom, the termites! Or splash in the two waterfalls that pour down side by side at Wangi Falls. Make sure to pack your walking shoes and bathers when visiting Litchfield National Park, where mother nature is at its best!

  • Katherine

    Seen more as a meeting or base point for the rest of the region’s natural wonders, Katherine can also be an underrated day adventure! Best known for the stunning Nitmiluk National Park, this park can offer you a handful of the best outback attractions the land can offer. After seeing this epic landscape, travellers can head back to the centre of Katherine and enjoy the friendly locals and the community’s numerous shops and attractions. The Indigenous community, in particular, is grand within Katherine, offering a fascinating insight into the history of this ancient community.

  • Adelaide River

    The river weaves its way around the region, flowing from Clarence Strait until its finishes in Litchfield National Park. The entire river is home to around 1,600 Saltwater Crocodiles, making it one of the best places to see these deadly reptiles in person. The resident saltwater crocodiles can be viewed safely with the Jumping Crocodile Tour, a professional boating company that guarantees you a close-up view of the crocs. Voyage down the river and see the crocs swarm around the boat, with some even jumping clean out of the water to catch the hanging meat that the guides offer them on an extended stick.

  • Mary River

    Enjoy a quick road trip at Mary River, only found an hour out of Darwin city. It is an outdoor paradise, offering exceptional bushwalking with trails from easy 1 kilometre tracks to 10-kilometre paths. As the region is right beside the river, the area is rich in both land and marine wildlife, with the unique Mistake Billabong invested with crocs, fish, birds, and more!

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