The Hunter Valley is a winery region that is located around three hours from Sydney.

Hunter Valley, New South Wales

It is home to some of Australia’s most prestigious vineyards and wineries. The best way to get to the Hunter Valley from Sydney is to take a guided tour or drive there directly from Sydney and spend a night or two exploring the region. If you wish to spend your days taste testing all the delicious wines on offer, the best way to see the Hunter Valley is certainly to join a guided tour!

Hunter Valley guided tours from Sydney

If you are planning to visit the Hunter Valley the chances of you wanting to taste test the magnificent wine grown in the region are high. Therefore, you probably do not want to be driving around. In that case, taking a guided tour is the perfect option for you to consider, as you will be transported to each winery and everything is essentially planned out ready for you to spend your time enjoying your surroundings!

Why is the Hunter Valley such a prestigious location?

To begin with, the Hunter Valley is the oldest wine producing region in Australia and is the location of the first winery ever started in the country. First established in 1828 by English settler George Wyndham, the Dalwood Estate is the oldest winery in Australia. This highly respected winery is home to some of the most decadent food and wine in the Hunter Valley, and has a fascinating history and story behind it.

There are several other distinguished wineries in the region that import their products all around the world, which is partly the reason why the Hunter Valley is so prestigious!

Endless activities are on offer in the Hunter Valley

As well as indulging your tastebuds with the decadent food and wine produced in the region, there are endless entertaining activities for you to take part in when you are visiting the Hunter Valley. Visit the Hunter Valley Zoo if you wish to see some adorable animals, check out the gorgeous Hunter Valley Gardens where there are all kinds of rides and picturesque locations to admire.

Finally, if you are into mountains and hiking, head to the Yengo National Park for some excellent walking tracks and stunning scenery.

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Explore the Hunter Valley Wine Tours from Sydney

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