Uluru, Australia’s magnificent desert marvel, is our famous calling card; a stunning testament to nature’s ability to inspire the senses and invigorate the soul!

Towering over the likes of the Eiffel Tower and the Great Pyramid of Giza, Uluru is a giant red monolith bulging out of the hot sand to impose its wonder across the desert.

And whilst seeing Uluru during the day is a given on any trip there, seeing it at either (or both of) the sunrise and sunset hours is nothing short of miraculous. Travellers have differing opinions on which time of day is better, and so it’s a great idea to experience both (let’s be honest – you probably will!).

The sunrise is marvellous as the time of day the warm rays fill up the sky and illuminate the aeons-old rock, whilst the sunset bathes it in gorgeous, moody hues before giving way to a gorgeous night sky and the magical Belt of Venus.

It’s impossible to tell you if sunrise or sunset is better at Uluru – it’s like trying to decide which Beatles album is best – it all comes down to subjective opinion and you should really take the time to experience both enchanting twilight visits!

Follow them up with these fabulous Uluru-Kata Tjuta adventures:

Uluru base walk

Did we mention Uluru is big? Well, for the uninitiated, you’re about to see just how massive this monolith is. And, one of the best ways to experience its magnitude is through the legendary Uluru base walk: a 10 km, three hour circumnavigation of one of the world’s most astounding natural landmarks.

Not only does this give you ample opportunity to marvel upon the rock and the sum of its incredible parts, but it also gives you the chance to spot some of the region’s fascinating flora and fauna, creating a trek unlike any other in the whole world!

Kata Tjuta

Growing up you definitely heard of Uluru, but you may not have heard of its less-famous yet equally-impressive neighbour, Kata Tjuta. Kata Tjuta doesn’t comprise the same dimensions as Uluru, instead consisting of a series of unique, dome-like sand structures, but this makes for the perfect place to explore some of the world’s most fascinating natural sculptures.

There are multiple walks in and around Kata Tjuta, allowing you to experience this incredible and more tranquil part of the national park.

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