Take a drive up inland, surf along the coast, or fly to the other side of this stunning land.

Australians are renowned for their staggering display of natural wonders and lively cities. Being one of the top travel destinations in the world. However, due to the current pandemic, the country has enforced travel restrictions to curb and contain the spread of COVID-19. Forcing many of us to hold off on any travelling for the unforeseeable future. However, this doesn’t stop us from dreaming on our next Australia adventure. Find out which place you should visit next after the rules ease up.

  • New South Wales

    The first stop on most of the traveller’s bucket-lists when visit Australia is the iconic city of Sydney. Home to the famous landmarks of the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. But these memorable attractions aren’t the only locations worth seeing in this region. With the surrounding regions of Sydney boasting wine regions, lush bushland, and jagged mountaintops. After you explore Sydney’s skyscrapers, you can surf the beaches, hike the bush, or simply relax in the local vineyards.

  • Queensland

    If you are after a typical beach holiday Australia is famous for, Queensland is the way to go! The tropical capital of the country, with picturesque beaches, ancient rainforests, and the famous Great Barrier Reef. Get lost in the stunning natural wonders scattered about and end your days in the relaxing resorts that edge along the coast. There is a piece of paradise to suit every traveller, with bustling cities such as Cairns for those wanting to be in the centre of the action, or quitter regions such as Port Douglas for those looking for some privacy.

  • Northern Territory

    See the true Aussie Outback and step foot on the red sand and dry landscape of this desert wilderness. A completely unique region that is like anything you have ever seen. Home to a diverse range of unique wildlife, all of which have adapted to the hot and dry outback. Travellers can spend days trekking through this iconic scenery, swimming in incredible swimming holes and camping under the stars at night.

  • Western Australia

    It is the biggest state of Australia, so of course, is jam-packed with incredible tourist attractions. Arguably home to some of the best wonders in all of Australia, such as the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef, the incredible Rock Wave, the ancient tingle forest named the Valley of the Giants. Travellers can camp around for a wilderness adventure, or simply enjoy a relaxing weekend at the acclaimed Margaret River wine region.

  • Tasmania

    Head down south to the endless beaches, rainforests, and epic mountains of Tasmania. The region is perfect for any kind of traveller, with an unspoilt landscape perfect for adventurers, wineries and galleries suited for those looking for a stylish holiday, and even epic markets and events for those looking to see the iconic Tasmanian culture.

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Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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