See what other brilliant locations are in this wondrous state!

Phillip Island isn’t the only great attraction worth the visit when travelling within Victoria, with the whole state covered in great spots! No matter what your taste is, there is a little something for everyone here, with relaxing wine regions, exciting surf beaches, and even bustling city nightlife around!

  • Melbourne

    Melbourne is one of Australia’s greatest cities, known for being the capital of food, sport, art, and nightlife! It has an endless amount of activities on offer, with the city centre forever bustling with both locals and tourists alike! Visit major tourist attractions such as Fed Square and the MCG before travelling down the art-filled laneways to visit the popular cafes and bars scattered about!

  • Great Ocean Road

    It is listed as the most visited region in the whole state, known for being one of the best road trip routes around! Boasting glorious beaches, natural rainforests, and charming beach towns, you can either spend one day or weeks in this lush coastal scenery!

  • Yarra Valley

    Only a stone’s throw from the bustling city of Melbourne, the Yarra Valley promises all visitors plenty of delicious wine, glorious food, and stunning views! The spectacular landscape is bursting with the lush greenery of vineyards and fields, all bordered by thick bushland. Visitors can quench their thirst with local wine varieties, with the reputation of Yarra Valley being an exquisite wine region. Try the abundant range in whites, reds, sparkling, and roses, no matter what your drink of choice is, it’s guaranteed that Yarra Valley will satisfy your tastebuds!

  • The Grampians

    A natural reserve with lush bushland and ancient sandstone mountains! Spanning out hundreds of acres, the region is rich in native wildlife, being the perfect place to see the natural side of Australia while hiking or biking around the area. See history, the waterfalls, and the unique animals that are found in this fabulous landscape.

  • Mount Buller

    Enjoy a snow adventure when you head to this resort mountain and village. During the winter months of Australia, this mountaintop loads up on soft snow, bringing the perfect region for skiing and snowboarding to both locals and tourists. Once the summer season comes and the snow slowly melts, the region is the perfect place for mountain biking and hiking!

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Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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