Cool off from the summer heat at these exceptional swimming spots!

The Great Ocean Road is a popular tourist hotspot, swarming with locals and travellers during the summertime for a quick day trip, a weekend long adventure, or even a month escapade! For all summer holidays, swimming is at the top of most tourist’s bucket list, and the Great Ocean Road does not disappoint! Boasting beaches, lakes, creeks, and more that all offer exceptional swimming activities for the whole family. Check out our list of the best spots around!

  • Warrnambool Beach

    Warrnambool is the largest town along the Great Ocean Road, so ofcourse its beach is exceptional. Stretching out and allowing plenty of sand space for visitors, it is a great spot for family or group outtings. Surfing, swimming, sunbaking, and even whale watching are all popular activities here, so you don’t even need to visit in the summertime to enjoy this beach spot! Perch yourself somewhere between the surf club and pier, to really get the most of this spot, as you will give good access to the waves spots and the shallow waters for the little ones.

  • Kennett River

    Kennett River may sound like a pleasant and tranquil swimming spot, but it is in fact a popular surf spot! Known for its rough current and picture-perfect waves. Located right along a caravan park, majority of its inhabitants are campers visiting all summer for a exceptional beach holiday. Visitors can spend the day in the sea and sand, going to the nearby café and tuck shop for treats to refuel.

  • Bells Beach

    Bells beach is by far the Great Ocean Road’s most famous beach, being the birthplace for Australian surfing. It is renowned for its big swells and major surfing competitions, nestled just outside the popular town of Torquay. Here you can surf with the pro locals, learn to surf or simply discover the region by strolling along the coast and clifftop walking track!

  • Beauchamp Falls

    Used majority by the community camping area located in the northern section of the Great Otway National Park. It is a small region only allowing 15 tents max, with the area filling up fast during summer. Simply head along the path from the campsite and enjoy a picturesque walk amidst the rainforest, taking approximately 40 minutes both ways to reach the Falls. Once you have reached the Beauchamp Falls, you can choose where to set up, either making your way right down to the falls, or simply taking a dip at the watering hole. You can even swim right underneath the falls in the waterhole or head behind it for a secret adventure!

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