Prepare to visit Melbourne’s closest snow field, offering all kinds of activities on the snow.

Lake Mountain is one of Victoria’s alpine resorts with plenty of outdoor adventures for the whole family. It’s renowned for the snow season, transforming into one of Victoria’s favourite winter wonderlands.

What can I do at Lake Mountain?

The most popular thing to do at Lake Mountain is the snow activities during the winter months.

  • Tobogganing

Tobogganing is a great snow activity where you’re on a sled and go down a hill or slope. Kids love tobogganing, and there are three toboggan runs at Lake Mountain, with one being free!

  • Skiing cross country

Skiing cross country is one of the mountain’s most popular activities. It’s suitable for most people, and if you’ve never done it before, there are lessons available!

  • Winter walks

For something slow paced and peaceful, get involved in a winter walk. Take in the beautiful panoramic views of Marysville from the summit.

Snowshoes are available for walking along the 30 kilometre ski trail.

  • Snow play

For something simpler and fun, you can just play in the snow. Build a snowman, create an angel, whatever you like, you can do it here!

Outside of the snow season, Lake Mountain offers guided walks and opportunities for mountain biking during the summer months.

How to get to Lake Mountain 

The best way to get to Lake Mountain from Melbourne is via a car or a tour during the snow season. From Melbourne, the drive is about two hours to reach the top of the mountain.

Hire cars are available throughout Melbourne; otherwise, a tour is your best option for getting to Lake Mountain without a car.

Can I stay at Lake Mountain?

You can’t stay on the mountain, however, the closest town is Marysville, a 30 minute drive away. Marysville offers a range of accommodations that are suitable for every budget. Staying close by gives you the chance to spend a longer period of time on the mountain without a two hour drive.

When planning your trip, check the snow reports regularly as this will give you an idea of the best time to visit for the snow. The snow season starts in early June and can finish in September or October. Don’t forget you can book a Lake Mountain snow tour from Melbourne and enjoy a fun day out in the snow!

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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