Mount Buller is the white wonderland of Victoria!

A vast mountain range turned resort, with plenty of snow tracks, lively restaurants, and cosy cabins. It undoubtedly is the most visited snow to land in the South of Australia, bringing thousands of travellers each year. However, despite its popularity, there are times in the year where Mount Buller is completely deserted, both from people and snow. Working out which time of a year will guarantee you an affordable, enjoyable, and snow filled weekend is essential for Mount Buller. But don’t stress, as we’ve done the work for you! Listing the pros and cons of each and every month available!


For a holiday jam-packed with snow activities, your best bet is from late July to August. This is the coldest time in Victoria, so it guarantees plenty of snowfall. The slopes are thick with white snow, making it a paradise for skiers and snowboarders.

For those not too keen on skiing, but still want to enjoy the snow, the best time to visit Mount Buller is in spring, which begins at the start of September. The mountain range is still sprinkled with snow, but not enough to snowboard or ski, which makes it perfect for winter walks, with the sun warming you up from the chilly winds.

If you’d prefer no snow at all, try out the summer! The region is busting with stunning views, fresh mountain air, and a cool summer climate. You can enjoy relaxing picnics at the lookout points or even mountain bike your way across the terrain!


As Mount Buller is predominately a snow resort, predictably, the most popular time to travel is when the snow is heaviest. With the peak season being from July to August, the rates shoot up. Slowly trickling down in price until the end of October where it becomes extremely cheap. However, the price during the peak season may be all worth it. As even if you choose a cheaper date, it might limit the activities available, and be a completely pointless journey.


With more snow, comes more visitors. Peak season is loaded with skiers, snowboarders, and families wishing to see the snow slopes of wintertime. Unfortunately, it’s usually quite hard to avoid these crowds is you are travelling during the best snowfall time. However, taking a tour may help you skip the lines, traffic, and parking fiascos that Mount Buller is notorious for.

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