Spreading across 1200 kilometres square, the Daintree Rainforest covers a large portion of Queensland’s coastal land.

The vibrant green world filled with unique creatures and rare plant life, being one of the most popular tourist spots around. One of the best ways to see the rainforest at its best is at the Marrdja Boardwalk, as it weaves through the thick forestland to showcase the greatest highlights of Daintree.

About the Boardwalk

An easy loop walk that starts and ends at Oliver’s Creek, looping around the region for 1.2 kilometres on a flat wooden boardwalk. Due to its length and flat surface, it is easy for any kind of traveller, perfect for kids, the elderly, and entirely wheelchair accessible. The informative signs dotted along the way can give you an informal guide of the Daintree, detailing the certain plants and animals you may come across and their fascinating background. The constantly changing scenery and vegetation of this boardwalk are well worth the trek, being a captivating place to visit and to take some photos!

The Mangroves

As you wander down the Marrdja boardwalk, one of the main vegetations you’ll come across is the thick mangroves. Featuring a tangle of trees embracing each other, entwining together in the wet muddy ground, perfect for critters to hide in from predators.

The Historic Wildlife

The boardwalk is famed for showcasing the rainforest’s millions of years old environment. With ancient species found here along the boardwalk’s edges. Spikes, plants and species date back all the way to the Jurassic period, with this very spot once being the home of the famous dinosaurs. The boardwalk lets you immerse yourself in this ancient rainforest, stepping back in time to imagine how the earth was millions of years ago.

Rare Animals

If you stroll along quietly, you may come across the rare animals roaming about the region. These creatures include the Australian Brush Turkeys, that can be seen peeking through the forest floor bushes. Or the Little Kingfisher birds which can fly above the walking trail. The diverse range of flora and fauna is truly a wondrous sight to see and makes this boardwalk a must-do when travelling to the Daintree Rainforest.

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