Enjoy the thrill of skiing at Mount Buller, Victoria’s biggest ski resort!

Experience the snow season in Mount Buller, just a three hour drive from Melbourne. Spending a day in the snow gives you the chance to go skiing, snowboarding or tobogganing!

The 2024 snow and skiing season starts June 8. Typically though, the season starts around early to mid June.

Getting to Mount Buller

Mount Buller is a three hour drive from Melbourne, with no public transport options available. The best way is either by car or booking a tour. Having your car or hiring one can be ideal and convenient. However, you might want to consider a tour if you want to avoid the hassle of driving yourself.

Do I need to be a pro skier at Mount Buller?

Skiing down the slopes at Mount Buller is suitable for everyone. Whether you’re a pro skier or you’ve never done it before, you can give it a go at Mount Buller.

There are different zones for beginners, intermediate, and advanced skiers. The beginner area allows you to master the skills with some gentle slopes. There are also lessons available for those who need them.

Intermediate has a range of groomed terrain, making up about 45 per cent of the runs. Advance skiers can enjoy challenges on 40 per cent of the terrain designed for them.

Can I hire ski equipment?

Plenty of shops at Mount Buller allow you to hire equipment and clothing. Renting makes it convenient whether it’s your first time visiting or if you’re a regular.

What should I wear to Mount Buller?

Staying warm is essential at Mount Buller during the snow season! Layering is important, but you’ll want to be smart about it. Thermals are a great first layer, followed by a sweater, turtleneck or hoodie for warmth. Your outer layer should consist of a ski jacket and pants to protect you from the snow, rain, and wind.

For your feet,  two layers of socks along with snow boots are recommended. Keep your hands warm with ski gloves and your head warm with a beanie. Lastly, sunglasses are super important to protect you from weather conditions!

Additional items like balaclava can provide extra warmth for younger kids when the weather is too cold.

Jackets, pants, and boots are available to hire at some shops in Mount Buller.

Ready to go skiing?

When you’re ready, book a one day Mount Buller tour and spend about five hours on the snow! With equipment hire available, Mount Buller Mount Buller is family friendly and the perfect place to visit to see snow for the first time.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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