Adelaide is renowned for its rich culture and delicious food, with Chinatown one of the go-to spots in the city.

Foodies will be spoilt for choice in this region, with an endless list of restaurants and bars just waiting to be visited.

What You’ll Find in Chinatown

Chinatown Adelaide

  • The Restaurants

    Chinatown isn’t just limited to Chinese restaurants, with visitors able to tuck into other dishes from Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and India. Discover the range of international goodies Adelaide’s Chinatown is proud to present!

  • T-Chow Chinese Restaurant

    If you are craving some Chinese in Chinatown, T-Chow Restaurant is the must-do stop to enjoy. One of the oldest restaurants around, T-Chow is renowned for serving delicious food to go with their charming atmosphere. Not only does this eatery serve up some exquisite Chinese dishes, but it is also all reasonably priced, with cheap corkage and large helpings for each dish you order. If you are hoping to visit for some lunch, the restaurant offers a daily Yum Cha lunch service, so you can try a range of treats without having to pay a fortune!

  • Wah Hing

    One of the sleeker and more sophisticated restaurants in Chinatown, Wah Hing is great for those hoping to spoil themselves. Renowned for their five-star cuisines, the restaurant pairs their delicious stirfries and greens with stunning dining service and stylish atmosphere. It’s the perfect place for a casual date or a work dinner!

  • East Taste Café

    If you are simply looking for a quick bite before heading back out for another couple hours of sightseeing, this café is for you! The food is the quickest around, with visitors not even needing to sit down to wait for their order to come out. Due to the great food and service, there is usually a line for the food, but the food is guaranteed to satisfied even the fussiest eater.

  • Ryo’s Noodles

    This restaurant is simple but spectacular, with tiny tables, no reservations allowed, and barely any decorations. The restaurant focuses only on the food they serve, bringing both travellers and locals to its doors every day! Similar to a real Tokyo style ramen restaurant, it’s quick and delicious, with guests coming in and out without hanging about.

  • Thanh Thanh Vietnamese Restaurant

    Australians love a good steaming bowl of pho, and this Vietnamese restaurant serves some of the best pho in Adelaide. Perfect for a chilly day in the city, the hot noddle soup warms you up easily.

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