Whether you’re a rev head or a simple traveller looking for the next adventure, MotoGP at Phillip Island is a must-see.

Phillip Island is famous for many things; its extraordinary coastal scenery, its unique local animals, and of course its iconic Motor Grand Prix Circuit. Marked as one of the top racing circuits in the entire world, Phillip Island’s Motor GP has become a must-see attraction for both auto enthusiasts and the general public. Unsure about seeing it for yourself? Here are 7 reasons why it’s totally worth a visit!

  • 1. It’s one of the world’s best racetracks!

    Originally built in 1956, the Phillip Island Motor GP circuit was repurchased and remodelled by racing enthusiasts in 1985, transforming the venue into one of the one of the world’s top racetracks. It has played host to some of the world’s most famous sporting events including the World Superbikes championship and the Motorcycle Grand Prix which gave it its name.

  • 2. Its location is stunning.

    Situated right next to the sea , Phillip Island’s Moto Grand Prix Circuit enjoys superb scenic views. The Southern Loop hugs the coastline with almost nothing lying between the circuit and the Bass Strait.

  • 3. It’s a punishing circuit.

    Looping around 4.445 kilometres (2.76 miles) of track, Phillip Island’s Motor GP’s circuit offers a super-fast route that pushes a rider to the max. Its circuit is the entire reason for its fame and popularity, bringing thousands of racers over the years to try out its epic course.

  • 4. The best racers compete here.

    The Phillip Island track has hosted a huge list of famous racers, both Australian and international! Famous racers including Maverick Winales, Wayne Gardner, and Jack Miller all racing and winning on this iconic course!

  • 5. The event schedule is packed!

    Festivals and events crowd the circuit’s calendars, with world championships, visitor experiences, and public events on offer. Come to the circuit to watch the pros race their hearts out at the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix, the Superbike World Championship, or the Shell Australian Touring Car Championship or attend some of the off-track entertainment.

  • 6. There’s more for visitors than just track events.

    If you’d rather try a more hands-on experience, then why not join in on one of the tourist activities offered? Over the years, the visitors to the circuit have grown exponentially, leading to the Circuit Visitor Centre opening in 1998. The track now offers guests the chance to join a practice day event, try out go karting, play on slot car races and even have a go on a race simulator!

  • 7. The atmosphere is electric.

    Even if you aren’t a race car or motorbike enthusiast, you’ll get swept up in the exhilarating atmosphere generated by the local fans and international supporters that fill the arena. Get a front row seat and shout and cheer along with the crowd!

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