Summer is rapidly approaching, so why not make the most of Australia’s warmer months with our beginner’s guide to beating the heat?

Summer in Australia

Australia is more often than not, a paradise of sun, sand, and sea! Summertime is no different, with the season bringing a bucket-load of fun and festive times. Each region of Australia is different, with coastal towns, outback desert areas, and city centres all jam-packed with blue skies and a wonderland of wildlife – with each area hosting a range of incredible activities.

The Pros of visiting in the Summertime

  • The Events and Festivals

    There is no better time for an outdoor festival than in Australia’s picturesque summer! With a bucketload of festivals for food, music, art, and loads more flooding the country’s calendar. Majority of the festivals are held in beautiful serene landscapes, from stunning beaches, country bushland, or even in the outback. Here travellers can see both the natural beauty of Australia while they enjoy the region’s culture and creativity. Noteworthy festivals include the Taste of Tasmania, one of the biggest foods and wine festivals around, Falls Festival, a celebration of Australian and international independent music, as well as Tropfest, the world’s biggest short film festival.

  • Rooftop Bars/Restaurants

    Regardless of your craving, these high-altitude foodies and drinking spots are well worth the climb. Scattered about both the city centre and the trendier inner suburbs, ranging from two-story roofs to large skyscrapers, rooftop bars and restaurants have become a summer mascot for Australian day celebrating for many years now, with both locals and tourists enjoying the picturesque atmosphere. Simply sip on a summer cocktail as you survey the bustling streets below!

  • The Natural Wonders

    It’s no shock to hear that Australia is a goldmine for natural wonders, being listed as one of the top region’s for waterfalls, rainforests, beaches, and rock formations. Every nook and cranny is filled with these exceptional attractions, sure to satisfy even the fussiest traveller. From Victoria’s remarkable Great Ocean Road’s coastline scenery to the red centre’s iconic Uluru, to even the ancient Daintree Rainforest of Queenland.

What might surprise you about Australia’s summer

  • You can’t swim in some regions

    During the blistering heat waves of the summertime, plunging into the nearby glistening waters can be tempting. However, in you are in far north Queensland or the Northern Territory, this may be a treacherous act, all due to the dangerous creatures roaming within the waters. Jellyfish invade Queensland’s beaches, with two deadly types causing serious harm and sometimes even death with just one sting. So, making sure to avoid the unsafe beaches or wearing protective jellyfish suits is a must during this season! For the Northern Territory, the saltwater crocodiles patrol a large portion of the region’s waters. These creatures are particularly dangerous, with even a dip in crocodile invested waters leading to fatal attacks. All hope is not lost, however, with simply avoiding these crocodile waters and opting for safe beaches and lakes.

  • The weather can be erratic

    A lot of visitor’s picture endless days of a perfect summer paradise when imagining Australia, but sadly this is sometimes not the case. The famous city of Melbourne can have its glorious days switch dramatically to the odd cold day amidst the peak of summer. The Northern Territory can host from unbearably hot and dry days in the desert land, and even Queensland can be thick with humidity. Despite these uncomfortable days, you can get lucky with some of the best Australia’s summer has to offer, which be well worth all the fluctuating conditions.

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