Guarantee yourself a perfect Australian springtime with some of the best spots to visit during November.

Springtime is in full swing when November rolls around in Australia, guaranteeing sunny skies, warm waters, and epic outdoor activities. Overall, November is a great, balanced month for travelling with each spot in Australia busy with activities. However due to the great weather in every area, narrowing down the best spot for you can be hard, so take a look at our top six places to visit!

  • Cairns

    Head north to the tropical region of Australia, coming face to face with the thick humidity and lush greenery. It is where the rainforest meets the modern city, with the city life a laid-back version, accustomed to boardshorts rather than briefcases. November marks the beginning of the wet season for Cairns, where mugginess starts to rise, and clouds slowly start approaching, finally ending with larger thunderstorms and even cyclones at times. If you are a nature lover, visit here for a chance to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, or trek through the ancient vegetation of the Daintree Rainforest, soaking up some of Australia’s greatest natural wonders around!

  • Sydney

    Sydney is undoubtedly Australia’s most famous city, home to its iconic man-made landmark, the Sydney Opera House. The city is draped around a magnificent bay, blending sparkling blue waters with stunning skyscrapers. The city is bursting with trendy cafes, bars, and tourist spots, giving you a jam-packed schedule of food, drinks, and city life. With springtime, Sydney locals and tourists come out to play with an array of activities, including festivals, gigs and rooftop bars and restaurants.

  • Perth

    Perth may be low on your radar, but don’t be put off by its remote location. The secluded region is overflowing with incredible natural wonders and local charm. It is a perfect blend of beaches, delicious food, and street-art scenes, being a progressive city amid its natural territory. November is the time to spot whales migrating slowly down the coast, making the coastal city of Perth the perfect holiday place. Waterfalls are filled to the brim during this month, so trek out to the bushland areas to swim in the lush native paradise.

  • Whitsundays

    For a perfect beach vacation, Whitsundays is for you! November is a great time to visit, with the weather allowing both on land and water activities at the plenty. Take a hike through the lush rainforest, before plunging into the warm beach waters and exploring the glorious reefs nearby.

  • Kangaroo Island

    Kangaroo Island is grand year-round, but spring is the best for weather and price. Summertime is undoubtedly the busiest and most expensive time, so spring can give you a cheaper option with just as much sunshine. Wildlife on the island is also supreme during the November time, as wildflowers cover the entire region, creating a stunning display of colours.

  • Great Ocean Road

    Surfing goes hand in hand with the iconic Great Ocean Road, with the entire stretch of coastline covered in epic beaches. Due to Victoria having ice-cold seas, springtime brings just enough heat for you to enjoy the surf without freezing. The sunshine lights up the road, as multiple festivals, events, and activities are all offered during the picturesque springtime.

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