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The Whitsundays look like they’ve stepped out of a storybook. Majestic white sands frill out around the edges of the 74 islands, each one boasting breath-taking scenery of lush forests that meander down into the aqua shades of the ocean. Perhaps the most mesmerizing thing about the Whitsundays, though, is their stillness. Sheltered by the pretty expanse of the Great Barrier Reef, they feature a calmness like nowhere else, making them perfect for relaxing sailing adventures.

  • The Beaches

    Here, the stunning beaches are the biggest draw – particularly Whitehaven Beach, which is exceptionally special thanks to its pure white silica sand. Stretching along 7-kilometres, boasting deliciously soft white sands and a stunning blend of green, blue, and crystal-clear waters.

    There’s Airlie Beach, too, which is another favourite. This sits on the mainland and acts as the gateway to the islands, making it a lively place to begin your Whitsundays experience. Out of the 74 islands, only seven have tourist resorts. For the most part they are uninhabited and, instead of high-rise apartment blocks and luxury resorts, offer the chance to get back to nature with beach camps and bushwalking opportunities.

  • Whitsunday Island

    It is the largest island in the Whitsundays, mostly known for being the home to the famous Whitehaven Beach. But this isn’t the only thing on offer in this glorious island, as it is a picturesque destination commonly used for the Whitsundays promotional material. Featuring five-star resorts, amazing rainforest treks, and the best tours around.

  • Hamilton Island

    This island caters to all tastes, known as one of the most popular tourist islands in the region. Offering plenty of vacation luxuries, with the entire island overrun with five-star resorts, golf courses, and a magnitude of attractions and activities. As the island is so small, you are even given mini golf carts to move around the streets in, as there are hardly any real cars around. Simply relax the day away with your family as you visit the pools, beaches, walks, and resort activities on offer.

  • Hayman Island

    If you are after an extravagance adventure during your time at the Whitsundays, Hayman Island is for you! Offering all things deluxe, perfect for those looking for a completely tranquil holiday and peaceful retreat. Simply sip your cocktails along the beach or pool and get daily massages or head out to picturesque lookouts for a truly unforgettable holiday.

  • Hook Island

    Hook Island is best for a snorkelling adventure, as it is renowned for being the best base spot for reef exploration. It is the second-largest island in the Whitsundays, but it is barely developed, leaving travellers a tranquil rainforest land bordering on the incredible reef system. Folk can get lost both above land and within the sea at this exquisite island.

  • Long Island

    Known for being the closest island to the mainland, being made out of mostly national park. Guaranteeing visitors around 17 kilometres of walking trails to explore the plentiful native flora and fauna on this dramatic natural landscape. Come across secluded bays and incredible coral reefs, enjoying kayaking, fishing, biking and more around the lush greenery.

  • Daydream Island

    Despite this island’s small size, it has a big reputation! A family favourite and popular for those looking for a quick day adventure. Daydream Island is the smallest of the Whitsundays and is closest to the mainland. Home to a large resort, the island is packed with fun water facilities, a relaxing spa, and plenty of on land adventures. Simply grab your bathers and walking shoes and get ready for a day in and out of the water amidst the reef, pool, and rainforest!

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