Saxon Reef is one of the most visited reefs on the Great Barrier Reef.

Saxon Reef is 55 kilometres from Cairns and is one of the most popular reefs to go to in the Great Barrier Reef. This reef sits between other popular reefs like Norman Reef and Hastings Reef.

Dive into the water

The best way to explore Saxon Reef is snorkelling as there are a lot of shallow sections. You can also go scuba diving and go deeper into the water and get close to the larger marine life.

However, if you aren’t interested in getting into the water, there is a glass bottom boat or semi submarines. These boats let you to still see underwater without getting wet which is perfect for families with younger children.

Discover what reef species live here

At Saxon Reef, you’ll likely come across all sorts of marine life. A common species to see are white tip reef sharks and even some octopuses. There is also a great selection of fish you can see swimming around like parrotfish, barramundi, butterflyfish, and much more.

Saxon Reef Map