The Whitsundays; Australia’s tropical wonderland with sapphire waters, golden stretches of sand, and lush greenery of the rainforest. But this paradise is also home to the infamous and intimidating saltwater crocodile. Which is one of the biggest and most dangerous animals in Australia?

About the Salt Water Crocs

These crocs are known to be the largest living reptiles in the entire world. Growing up to 5 to 7 metres long and weighing a whopping 1000 kilograms. Their rough scaly skin ranges shades of green and brown, blending in perfectly to the dirty or deep water they roam within. These waters include rivers, lakes, and all sorts of watering spots, with only tropical areas, swarmed with these creatures. They are carnivores’, normally preying on small reptiles, fish, turtles, and even larger animals. Unfortunately, we run under the category ‘prey’ for these creatures, making Australia’s waters a lot riskier.

Their Abilities

Seeing as these creatures have been on top of the food chain for over 100 million years, it’s safe to say they’ve got a lot up their sleeves. Despite their size, they are capable of being sneaky, camouflaging themselves in waters and sprinting up to their prey in seconds. Their massive jaw is strong and deadly, able to lock their prey in once they have grasped a hold.

Where They Are in the Whitsundays

As the Whitsundays is a popular destination for water activities, with sailing, snorkeling, and scuba diving all top attractions, working out which waters are safe is essential? The Whitsunday is a wide surplus of water, with inlets, lakes, rivers, and ocean, all ranging from saltwater to fresh. While sightings of crocs are very rare around the islands themselves, they typically are seen along the mainland. The Proserpine River, which flows into the ocean south of the Whitsundays, has the highest number of crocodiles in the entire area. It is never advised to travel to this river except on boat tours, where you can safely and easily see these animals in their natural environment.

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