An iconic feature that offers mesmerising views of the beach and surrounding bushland!

On the heritage listed land of Fraser Island, the worlds largest sand island, you’ll be amazed by the stunning scenery, sapphire blue waters and ancient plant life. Just off the coast of Hervey Bay in Queensland, the narrow stretch of coast spans for 123 kilometres that is only reachable from the mainland by boat or plane. The best way to get around on the island is by 4WD and a permit is needed to drive here so taking a tour and skipping the hassle of finding a car is a great option!

Where is Double Island Point?

In 1770, Captain Cook passing by Fraser Island notices two sandy stretches of land that sit opposite one another, not realising that they were indeed connected. He names the area Double Island Point and the name has stuck throughout the centuries. Located in the Great Sandy National Park in the rugged Cooloola area, the headland rests halfway between the towns of Noosa Heads and Rainbow Beach and is now one of the most visited area of Fraser Island by adventurous visitors.

How to get there?

Depending on what side you’re approaching Double Island Point from, it can vary from a two or three hour drive. The easiest way to gain access is by 4WD as the rough terrains aren’t really suitable for 2WD cars. If you choose to self-drive, you’ll need to purchase a driving permit for a 4WD vehicle. If you don’t feel comfortable driving yourself, there are plenty of tour operators who offer tours to Double Island Point and other iconic Fraser Island attractions.

If you’re feeling energetic you can even hike up to Double Island Point from Rainbow Beach. The track is about 30 kilometres which can be completed in one day trip but just make sure you have the appropriate footwear, food and drinks with you for the long journey ahead.

What to do on Double Island Point?

The number of activities you can do at the headland are endless, but your first stop should be the Double Island Point Lighthouse. This historical lighthouse was built in 1884 and is still operational. Today it is solar powered, but it still retains its traditionally iconic white and red façade. Whilst the tower is closed to the public, this shouldn’t stop you from visiting as the view of the lighthouse alone is definitely worth an Instagram picture.

Along with the Lighthouse, the area is incredibly popular amongst surfers, so if you’re a beginner this might be the perfect spot for you to learn as the waves are quite gentle. If you’re after a tamer water sport, there is also kayaking available at this remote location or snorkelling if you want to discover 6 of the world’s 7 marine turtle species that grace the coast.

The very best of Australian culture is on display at Double Island Point with locals heading to the beach bright and early in the morning for a spot of fishing, camping and jet skiing. A look up to the sky over the pristine waters will have you seeing the coloured kites of the kite-surfers below coolly surfing the water, so head to Double Island Point for the very best of outdoor activities that the whole family can enjoy.

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