Tasmania is Australia’s secret wonderland, home to an unspoilt landscape and picturesque charm that will have you falling head over heels in love.

Featuring endless amount of attractions and activities, its hard to know what put Tasmania on the tourist map in the first place! From increidble beaches, charming towns, and epic mountains, there is a whole list of goodies on Tasmania’s menu.

Its Charming Towns


When visitors think of where to go in Tasmania, Hobart is undoubtedly on top of the list. The capital city is bursting with beauty, culture, and tourist delights. With stunning natural wonders just outside the city, travellers can use Hobart as the perfect base point during their stay. Otherwise, you can visit the famous MONA gallery, one of the top museums of art in the entire country. Or enjoy the local gourmet food that the area is famous for! Making their own wine, beer, cheese, pastries, and more! Guaranteeing you’ll have to unbuckle your belt buckle a notch by the end of your trip!

Natural Wonders

Montezuma Falls

Tasmania is renowned for its lush greenery, sparkling mountains, and cascading waterfalls creating an enchanting atmosphere. So why not visit the best of the best, and travel to Tasmania’s highest waterfall? Lace up those walking shoes and set off, immersing yourself into the lush wildlife along the walking path that leads you straight to the thundering base of Montezuma Falls.

Cradle Mountain

The views on top of Cradle Mountain is arguably one of the best sights in all of Tasmania. However, getting there has been known as the most challenging day hike you can embark upon within Tasmania. But don’t despair as visitors say it is well worth the sweat for the sight!

Wineglass Bay

Be stunned by the sapphire waters of Wineglass Bay! White sand stretches around the familiar bay shape most tourists stop in to see. Try out a couple of the short hikes winding around the bay, travelling up the nearby mountain to see the Picturesque panoramic view of the area.


Port Arthur

Learn about the colonial history of Tasmania, by stepping right into the past at the famous Port Arthur. The town is known for its ancient buildings, rich beauty, and dark history. Home to around 160,000 convicts back in the day. Visitors can stroll through the historic buildings and grounds, marvelling at the beautiful coastal scenery and friendly nature of the area, which shadows the tragic events which were once held here.


Tasmanian Devil

When thinking about great Tasmania, most will instantly think of the island’s mascot, the Tasmanian Devil. Nicknamed the Tassie Devil, these creatures are anything but the kings of sin. With their lumbering gait and thick-set build, they are more like a very small, dog-like animals. They are the world’s largest carnivorous marsupials, with thick black fur and white underbelly patches. Their name comes from the early European settlers, who kept hearing mysterious unearthly screams and growls from the bush, thinking it was evil spirits from the devil himself. In reality, it was the small creatures with their frighting screech reacting from fear and uncertainty more than aggression. Seeing these guys in person is defiantly an unforgettable experience as they are only found in this one destination.

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