Featured on of the world’s greatest beaches list, the Whitehaven is sure to leave even the fussiest beachgoer stunned!

No trip to the Whitsundays would be complete without a visit to the famous Whitehaven Beach. It’s listed as one of the top beaches in the entire country, with pure white sands and crystal blue and green waters. It is the largest of the 74 islands within the Whitsundays and appears of the majority of the area’s postcards and advertisements, its true attraction is its beauty. However, that isn’t all it has to offer, as after you snap your perfect family holiday photos, make sure to stick around for a day jam-packed with activities.

What Activities can you do here?

  • Swimming

    An obvious choice when on a beach, but it doesn’t make this any less important to note. Whitehaven beach is renowned for its warm waters, making the transition of diving under the waves an easy process. The waves aren’t usually big in this area, so it is a perfect place for children or first-time learners. The crystal-clear waters are absolutely stunning to immerse under, with no goggles needed to see the fish whizzing by your feet.

  • Snorkelling

    Travel out deeper to the outer areas of the sea to see the natural scenery brimming with marine, bird and animal life. Here you can take a boat and anchor in the middle of the deep reef sections, or otherwise travel nearby to the other island’s shorelines, seeing the shallow reefs within. If snorkelling isn’t enough, scuba diving is also available, which lets you hang down at the bottom of the ocean floor without having to take breaks gulping air from above. Here you can discover the incredible diversity of Australia’s marine life, at an underwater wonderland with stunning colours and unique animals.

  • Sailing

    See the entire area of the Whitsundays in style, on one of the many sailing tours. The adventure of sailing this World Heritage-listed region lets you marvel at the lush tropical islands, turquoise waters and pristine beaches as you race past. Each tour typically offers the option to snorkel throughout the day, stopping off at the best reef spots around.

  • Sun baking

    If you’re finding all these options too much effort for your vacation, simply Sun baking in the beach’s soft and can be just the activity you need. With limited effort and a lot of relaxation to get you in that holiday slumber. Make sure to slip, slop, and slap your sunscreen on, as the Aussie sun is quite strong. Unlike regular beaches, the sand on Whitehaven beach does not absorb heat, making it much easier to spread out on without any beach towel needed.

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