A tropical wonderland like no other, the Whitsundays spans out in glorious greens, blues, and whites!

The tropical paradise on everyone’s bucket list; the Whitsundays. Bursting with crystal clear shores, lush greenery, and a laid-back atmosphere, travellers will plan for a day and end up staying for a week. But where exactly is this tropical wonderland?

Whitsunday Islands

The Whitsundays is not just one, but 74 separate islands, with the entire region stretching out to 282.8 square kilometres of glorious beauty. The islands are sprinkled along the ocean surface between the northeast coast of Queensland and the iconic Great Barrier Reef. With many of these being uninhabited by any urban development or human residents.

Why visit Whitsundays?

If you are fantasising about a tropical wonderland, then look no further. As the area is so spread out, there are plenty of places to discover without bumping elbows with other visitors. Turquoise waters, golden sands, and rainforest greenery cover the area in a paradise beauty. With you and your family never finding yourself short of things to do and beauty to see.

Activities to Do Around Whitsundays

Visit Great Barrier Reef

As it is right next door, visiting the reef on your travels is defiantly on the essentials list. The entire region is crammed full of stunning snorkelling spots and even better scuba diving areas, letting guests discover the exceptional underwater world by simply stepping out into the ocean road of the Whitsundays. It is one of the most popular activities on the offer here, with daily tours running out constantly to the best spots around!

Go on a Sailor’s Dream

Due to the protection of the reef, the Whitsundays is home to serene and safe waters. Perfect for yachts, kayak, or even Jetski. Discover the region yourself by slowly cruising through the water in one of these unforgettable transports, stopping off at islands or reefs along the way.

Have your troubles melt away

One of the more popular activities of Whitsundays is to merely indulge in the luxury of the area. With countless resorts all offering state-of-the-art service and relaxing rejuvenation, you can de-stress and be more relaxed than you have ever been before.

The Best Places to Stop at Whitsundays

Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach, the gateway to the rest of the Whitsundays. This mainland beach is swarming with travellers, with loads of tours, restaurants, and water activities to discover. Spend a couple nights and dine at the many delicious restaurants or cool off from the summer days at the nearby bars.

Cedar Creek Falls

What is more tranquil than a tropical waterfall amidst a lush green rainforest? Cedar Creek Falls is as good as it gets, with a clear blue-green watering hole that is continuously filled with the trickle or thunder of water, depending on the season. Swim within the waters and you might even get lucky enough to be joined by some wild turtles. Otherwise, you can trek out to the nearby walking tracks to discover even more wildlife hidden within the bushes.

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