Discover how Scenic World is the best place to see all of what the Blue Mountains have to offer!

A trip to the Blue Mountains isn’t complete without a visit to Scenic World. It is a traveller’s dream, offering first-class views of the iconic Blue Mountains from state-of-the-art facilities. But what is actually offered at Scenic World? Is it a theme park or a tourist lookout point? We have done a thorough investigation to help you prepare for your day at one of the most popular attractions in the Blue Mountains.

About Scenic World

Simply put, Scenic World offers a self-guided nature-based experience. From smooth walkways weaving through the lush greenery to epic cable cars hanging above the tree canopy, Scenic World offers a view of the Blue Mountains from every angle.

Scenic Skyway

Sail between the Blue Mountain clifftops, gliding over the forest canopy and seeing the valley below. The Scenic Skyway is positioned between two large clifftops, with a large 270-metre wire extending above the deep valley and bushland. The large gondola is suspended in the air and slowly cruises along the wire from one clifftop to the other. Featuring large glass windows and floor, travellers can enjoy 360° views of the surrounds. The entire journey lets you see the ancient ravines and jagged clifftops of the region, giving you plenty of time to snap the perfect Instagram shot. It can carry 84 passengers and departs every 10 minutes.

Scenic Cableway

Begin at the top of the mountain and descend into the Jamison Valley on this delightful 545-metre journey. The fully enclosed cabin provides a unique vantage point for viewing the most iconic sights in the Blue Mountains, including the Three Sisters, Orphan Rock and Mt Solitary. Passing closely by the sandstone cliffs and greenery, it showcases the extraordinary geology of the region. Each section of the cabin is equipped with a series of alternative lookout platforms, providing a fantastic view of the landscape and wildlife of the Blue mountains no matter where you stand.

Scenic Railway

Listed as the world’s steepest passenger railway, Scenic World’s railway is guaranteed to unnerve even the bravest traveller. It was originally built as a part of the Katoomba mining tramways in the late 1800s but has now been transformed into a daring tourist attraction. With a 52° (128%) incline, travellers will have a flutter in their stomach as they head down the sandstone cliffs, dipping into a rock tunnel next to the famous Orphan Rock.

Scenic Walkway

Not a fan of heights? Have no fear! Scenic World offers an alternative way to see the Blue Mountains; the Walkway! Offering a series of boardwalks weaving through the lush rainforest valley, each walkway has informational signs scattered along it, listing the fascinating history of the area and the unique wildlife that lives there. There is around 2.4 kilometres of path to choose from, letting travellers get up close and personal views of the unique flora and fauna.

Choose your favourite ride or do all four! Regardless of your choice, Scenic World is sure to satisfy your traveller’s intrigue.

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