Don’t miss out on one of the best chocolate shops near Melbourne.

There’s nothing quite like visiting a chocolate shop. Being surrounded by mouth-watering smells and a captivating display of artisanal chocolates. Whether you prefer milk or dark chocolate, fruity or nutty chocolate, chocolate shops have it all.

One of the best chocolate factories near Melbourne is the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie. This must-visit chocolate shop is sure to delight your tastebuds!

Why is it so famous?

The Yarra Valley Chocolaterie has been a well-loved destination since it first opened in 2012. It offers top-quality sweets to visitors and locals alike.

Upon stepping into the chocolate shop, you’ll be mesmerised by the thousands of chocolates filling the showroom. You will also find a range of fresh pastries and delicious ice cream.

What to do at Yarra Valley Chocolaterie

Aside from buying way more chocolate than you planned, it’s easy to spend a couple of hours at the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie!

The chocolate shop has a café with breakfast and lunch options available all day. There are lots of tasty options from breakfast foods to pizzas and parmas. There are also lots of desserts, coffee, juice, and of course hot chocolate.

You can also find a variety of fun events at the chocolate shop. There are pastry workshops and other classes available for both children and adults. If you prefer to enjoy tasty treats but not make them, you can join a delicious high tea. You can also choose to indulge your tastebuds in a chocolate tasting, sampling a variety of spectacular chocolates.

Throughout the year there are occasional events hosted by the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie. Be sure to stay up to date and check what events may be happening during your visit. Events may include an ice cream festival, a chocolate masterclass, and more. You can find the events page here.

Visiting Yarra Valley Chocolaterie

If you have your own vehicle, you can drive to the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie in just over an hour from Melbourne. A couple of routes from the city centre may include tolls, so be sure to check which driving route is most suitable for your preferences.

Alternatively, you can visit the chocolate factory on one of our tours. This Yarra Valley Sunset Tour departs from Melbourne and introduces you to an afternoon of delights around the Yarra Valley. The afternoon begins with wine and hors d’oeuvres with a view at Domaine Chandon. Then, it’s off to Yarra Valley Dairy for samples of locally crafted cheese. After cheese samples, you’ll get to enjoy more wine tastings at Yering Station Winery. The final stop includes mouth-watering chocolate tastings and ice cream from the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie.

Following an afternoon of gourmet delights, you will get to embark on a Kangaroo Safari. During the safari, you can spot kangaroos grazing in the valley and admire the stunning sunset. This gourmet tour ends in the evening as your driver guide takes you back to Melbourne.

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Cameron Ward
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