Wish you were at Phillip Island? Get the next best thing with this incredible Virtual tour!

The worldwide limitations for social distancing in recent months have left most a little stir-crazy. Attractions have been closed and tours have been cancelled, with the only activities allowed being a trip to the shops or park. Resulting in most bored during their lockdown, with even Netflix becoming mind-numbing activity. However, many of the attractions around the world have decided to give the people at home a small bit of exploration, completely done in the safety of their own home. The Virtual tour of Phillip Island’s Little Penguins is one of them. Allowing those interested to take a virtual look into these cute creature’s lives.

About the Little Penguins

The Little Penguins are known as the smallest species of penguin in existence, hence their descriptive name. Averaging at a height of 33cm, these penguins are a dark blue on their back and flippers, and a pale white on their bellies. They spend most of their time out fishing in the ocean, but head to land to sleep in their beach burrows.

Phillip Island’s Little Penguins

Phillip Island is famous for being home to the largest colony of Little Penguins in the world. Over the years, the number of Little Penguins has decreased, with poorly run tourism and urban development. Because of this Penguin Parade was built, a state of the art and sustainable venue where visitors can see this colony of penguins without harm to the creatures.

The Phillip Island Penguin Parade App

The Penguin Parade Phillip Island app provides a detailed description and history for these creatures, giving as much information as a typical museum would. The app features information about particular local penguins, a huge photo album of the penguins, and even interactable activities for kids! There is even some pre-recorded penguin burrow camera footage, which captures the adorable little penguin’s giving birth to their chicks in the 2013-14 summer. This app can be download through your computer, tablet, or even phone, so you can see these extraordinary creatures while you make your breakfast, do your work at home, or even as you go for a walk!

Still stay in touch with the outside world as you get to know these incredible animals right from your couch at home!

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